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February 22, 2017
Lugia by dekunobou-kizakura features a beautiful sense of a movement along with incredible detail
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by NhacuaDau
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This is awesome! i feel like Lugia needs more love underated legendary in my opinion

wolfmarian's avatar
I literally have no words, Your pokemon art is beyond beautifull, between realistic and "pokemonistic". 

Going to watch you.
GarciaXVLegend's avatar

HO...LY...SHIT... This is Badass, utterly Majestic, looks so Beautiful! The Water, The Coloring, the Striking Visual Art Style, & Contrast... this is what I call a Masterpiece:D

Kinghippy666's avatar
god dam gLORIOUS
cosmoryu's avatar
It looks amazing Small Pixel Heart - Silver 
TheTimeTraveler's avatar
Goregous. That is one heck of a Lugia picture! ^_^
thequietzubat's avatar
Beautiful. Love the perspective.
SamuraiShinai's avatar
The sight that would definitely impress or scare the shit out of any sailors passing by...
2GoodSharks's avatar

It's probably more like their equivalent of humpback whales jumping out of the water. At least until it starts flying.

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luner-tigher's avatar
wow that look so cool looking so well done on that =3
lugia was always my favorite 
Jackattackart's avatar
This is crazy! I love it to bits! :D
MachmanV2's avatar
Wow... just wow. This is absolutely stunning. Love the detail of the water and Lugia's skin too
ShukketsuStar's avatar
Okay this is just gorgeous
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Chenks-R's avatar
This is fucking awesome dude.
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I'm not sure if they are giving you credit of the sorts or anything. But their are people using your art for profit. With or without your permission.…

From the Facebook page Trust me, I'm awesome

I love your art. Would hate to see it stolen without compensation. 
JefCalix's avatar
Amazing painting
IHEfanboy's avatar
u r the very best  (that no one ever waas...) Torchic 
AdityaWaghmare's avatar
I love how you make these Pokemons, you keep it original still add the realistic elements to them and not much changes from the original character designs. 
And that's what make them the best around. 
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