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I'm Adam, hear me roar!
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I'm Adam, a barista.

I occasionally take pictures with my phone.

I cook the bitter bean juice so you can drink it! image credit adcafe_

Deviousness Award

dekorAdum always shows admirable dedication to our community. When he's not updating his gallery with eclectic artwork, you'll find him participating in many groups. Most notably, InternationalFAQ has benefitted greatly from Adam's dedication and commitment to making deviantART a truly inclusive community. We are delighted to bestow the Deviousness Award for June 2014 to dekorAdum, congratulations!
Awarded Jun 2014


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Well hello there, It has been a minute. Hasn't it? I sometimes still creep around in the shadows and browse art. Sadly however, I rarely do art these days. I just seem to have lost my art fuel. But, never say never! How have you been? My mental health is not doing great sadly. I am going to therapy every month and have been for the past year. Covid and work mixed with personal issues seem to have taken a toll on me. B ut fear not, I am stronger than I look :) I dont promise to be active around here again. But will pop up here and there. Stay creative, gorgeous and know, that you are loved! Have a wonderful day, Adam
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Accepting how I look like, how thin I am and how many assumptions I got and still get to this day is a really long journey. I am not at the end of it yet, but slowly getting there. As for who I am, it should not matter who I love. It sucks that we are living in a society what is so aggressive and not accepting. Even within my community! Educate your friends, family, but not forcing them can help a lot. Hopefully someday it will not be a question. For me posting this was a big thing, it is not the greatest photo there is, but for me it is something big :createwithpride:
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Hi there, How are you doing? How is your mental wellness? How do you cope with what this virus has created? I'm personally so over it, but at least I still have my job - I work in the service industry, as a Facility manager in a coffee shop - and I am not sick. My family is doing okay. Recently I have started studying Spanish to occupy my mind. What do you do to achieve the same? ¿Hablas español? Sadly i don't really create art these days, I don't have the inspiration or the patience. I mainly doodle here and there. Show me your latest artwork or fav work! Stay awesome, I miss you all, Adam :)
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