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MHC: Kirin Daora
Tried something a bit different this time. Instead of a really long text about the monster in the description, I'm thinking about adding little comics about them instead in the future.
MHC: Baruramaleos
Monster Hunter Crossbreed concept:

It's known that there are a lot of islands in the Monster Hunter universe that are still undiscovored/unknown. I thought that this may take place, after the player is done with all the high-rank missions:
The island itself is divided in five habitats: Forest and Hills, Water (like the flooded forest or old swamp but with much more areas covered completely in water), Volcano, Desert and Tundra. For still unknown reasons, those habitats are changing randomly into another in unregular periods of time. Because of that, monsters began interbreeding with other monster species in order to either be able to endure the change of the area they are currently staying in or to be strong enough to survive the trip to their natural habitat.

Name: Baruramaleos
Breed: Chameleos, Baruragaru
Elements: water, dragon
Ailment/s: poison, fatigue, defense down, the rest depending on the area it's staying at
Weakest to: depending on the area it's staying at
Weakness Sign: limping
Habitats: Can survive in all habitats but prefers watery areas
Monster Size: 2814,7 cm/1395,2 cm


Baruramaleos shares similarities with other Leviathans due to it's long frame and uses it's long tongue to extract body fluids from it's prey and steal items from hunters. It's back is covered with a hard puple hide with protruding poisonous spikes at the back and sides and ends at the monsters head with two horns. It's eyes and front legs are akin to a real life chameleons. When young the Baruramaleos' hide is more of a green and brown colour, enabling it to hide in trees and blend better with it's surrounding until it's old and strong enough. The wings, when still a young age, can be used to fly, but will stop growing with age, being only usefull for navigating underwater and controlling the direction of the poison fog.


The Baruramaleos is aggresive and predatory in nature and will attack anything it sees as prey or potential prey. Like the Chameleos, it's jittery nature will make it pretty unpredictable during battle. During the fight it will often try to either steal from the player or pin him to suck his blood. Underwater it can be often found half burried in the mud and using it's tail and fins at his legs camouflaged as plants to bait prey closer.


Baruragaru and Chameleos attacks

When extracting fluids from it's prey, Baruramaleos is capable to temporarily gain certain attributes from it as well as change it's bodily functions to withstand the differences of the area it's currently occupying in comparison to it's preffered habitat. Like the Chameleos, it has the ability to camouflage itself to the point where it's invisible. If one horn is broken, it will loose it's ability the become invisible, if both are broken the Baruramaleos abilty to adapt it's whole body from the previous preys fluids will be disabled.

Mizutsune sculpture
The Mizutsune from Monster Hunter Generations. Handmade with Super sculpey polymer clay and painted with acrylics.

L= ~ 26,5 cm
W= ~10 cm 
H= ~ 14 cm
Inspired by NCH Productions Monstie Shot "The courtship". Just a little idea what their child may have looked like. 

Link to the video:…

About the explosive scales:

Ailments: bleed 

Description (sorry for any spelling or grammatical mistakes):

While being still in the Bazelios, the socle parts are pressed together and will unfold when being shot, or generelly extracted from the skin, working like as a stabilizer in the air, like the feathery end of an arrow.
Due to the bomb that's inside the shell, the scales are much heavier and would, when shot, not stay inside the enemy and fall becausr of movement off. So, to make sure that this won't happen, the pointed tip of the explosive scales have barbs on them, to secure the scale where it is buried and let it explode there. 
When exploding, the force from the explosion will shatter the outer shell of the scale and cause in shooting the shards in all directions in the close area around it. Being hit by the shards also gives the player the status effect "bleed".
Nargacuga sculpture
Decided to try myself a bit at sculpting. Sculpture is made out of polymer clay

L= ~17cm
W= ~14cm
Feet to back= ~7cm
Feet to tailtip= ~12cm


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Pecojho (Deviljho and Crimson Qurupeco breed)
Chameleos and Baruragaru
Brute Tigrex and Yian Garuga
Royal Ludroth and Great Jaggi


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