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By dejz0r
I hate snakes SO much, and yet I took a picture of them...

BUT I had a glass infront of me! :D muhahaha.

I dont know what snake it is but I'm sure someone will know, I think they were poisonous? maybe not tho.. who cares, they're scary anyways! :(:(
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Nov 23, 2008, 4:08:45 PM
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oh there so pretty <3 
( i was wondering what makes you not like snakes? )
I think it's a bushmaster highly poisonous
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It's some sort of pit viper. Not sure exactly what kind. But, yes, they are venomous.
TarbosaurusBatar's avatar
Sorry, but it just irks me; *venomous.
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Why would you hate snakes? They are part of earth too after all. Plus they usually don't bite you if you don't do something to them. Sorry if this is offensive but I have to tell the truth sometimes. Btw just think: if you were a snake you wouldn't hate yourself would you? I'm not trying to be mean :C or anything but yeah. I love all animals no matter how scary they are.
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I just hate snakes... :)
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How can you hate them? Snakes are amazing creatures. And there's no such thing as a "poisonous" snake. Some are *venomous*, which is a different thing. Their venom is being used in research into cures for all kinds of illnesses, from Alzheimer's disease to cancer. The Rod of Asclepius (a serpent entwined round a staff) is an internationally recognised symbol for medicine, after all. They're very misunderstood and mistreated animals (though I still wouldn't want to get too close to these guys, lol).
penetratingxsouls's avatar
Actually the Tiger Keelback Snake is both poisonous and venomous.
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Im a girl.and i love snakes
MaxtremST's avatar
Why only small size?:weed:
firedragon12345's avatar
It is some sort of viper.
Quick-Step's avatar
Nice photograph. This looks like a brown coral snake.
MichealLatcheque's avatar
gorgeouse snake and yes, it's venomous. and i believe it's a water mockoson (cotton mouth)
Medieval-Serpents's avatar
Actually, snakes are venomous not poisonous lol, ivy is poisonous ;). I believe they are Bothrops Atrox or the Fer-de-Lance and yes they are highly venomous!
Haggis53's avatar
I think that snake looks a lot like a Cottonmouth, and yes, they are poisonous. (But I'm not positive. XP So don't take my word for it)
And not ALL snakes are scary! We had a lovely corn snake named Scissorhead up until my oldest brother's 17th birthday, and he was such a nice snake! Corn snakes aren't poisonous and very mellow, making perfect pets! (And not to mention rather beautiful! :) )
stevie-stevenson's avatar
there posionous all right
SalutheGreyhound's avatar
I believe these are Russel's vipers.
silversaluki's avatar
Yes, they are poisonous. Rattlesnakes by the looks of it (you can tell by the triangular shape of the heads). A very nice shot!
KristalLOVESBakura's avatar
i love snakes theyre so cute! :D
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amazing capture... I even like the blurriness of the grass in the foreground... adds to the beauty of the photo!
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