Hi there! It's been super long :'D
I barely come around here anymore, as you probably noticed ^^;
I live on twitter and tumblr now, where I spam daily. You can find me on both places as DejiNyucu .

I'm currently working on... way too many games, rofl, but for this NaNoRenO (All march!) I'll be working on a GxG visual novel and making sketches for a BxB sequel/spinoff of Cute Demon Crashers. And of course working on Caramel Mokaccino as usual.
(yes, I'm busy af :'D )

Hope you've been having a great year so far!

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jesus christ i knew you were doing a lot for march but not this much

good luck bro, keep making pretty things!! 
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Hace poco pillé un stream tuyo gracias a gente retuiteando y te pude seguir por ahí =P Me alegra ver que sigues pensando en Deviantart. ¡Mucha suerte con NaNo, te deseo lo mejor!
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¿Vas a hacer el NaNo igual este año con el Caramel en proceso? xDD Morirás...
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hago pega en la manana, Caramel despues de almuerzo y Nano en la tarde/noche. 
No se como voy a sobrevivir, rofl.
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Yayayay!! Deji hath spoken :D :D :D