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Hey there, you, who are still watching me over here even if I barely post anymore! :'D
Hope you have a wonderful 2016! <3

May all your goals be met this year, and if the years gives you grief, may it help you level up and become stronger!

Much love to you all~
I'm no longer around deviantART enough (I think I only spam twitter nowadays, haha ^^;;; ), so thank you so much for taking the time to leave a message on my page for my birthday <3

Love you all! <3
Thanks for all the Birthday greetings everybody! They made me really happy <3333
I had a great time with my friends here at Dallas! :D

I'm going to be hanging out at Sakevisual's table during AnimeFest from Friday through Sunday! So you can stop by and say hi and ask for a sketch ^^ (spoiler: my pencil sketches are ugly, lol)

Thanks for reading everybody and take care ^o^

It's out! Finally! With all the pretty fan art people made for us included <3

You can get it now from here:

You can get it for as low as $0 (just with your email, no need for CC information), so if you don't have money or don't want to pay for it, you can still enjoy it! So don't be shy and download it :D
What we make from the art book will be used towards making more games :)

Hey guys!
I'm shamelessly plugging my little fundraiser here to help me go visit my friends in Dallas, TX at AnimeFest 2014 this year again (I went last year and it was one of the happiest times of my life in my 30 years of life. It was THAT amazing for me!)

So if for some reason you are itching to commission me and see that I never ever open commissions, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET SOME ART!
I'll do my very best, no, my IMPOSSIBLY BEST to make the art rewards extra pretty for all the people that contribute. I PROMISE I WILL GET CARRIED AWAY WITH EACH ONE OF THEM.

So... yeah.

This was a shameless self plug :')

Thanks for reading! ^___^
Hi everybody! Long time no post "Orz

I just created a Patreon account, in case you're interested :)

I'll mostly put Work in Progress images of the projects I'm working on (which I usually do on twitter now), some commissions (that for some reason I don't post around here but i do post on tumblr *scratches head*) and some personal risqué things that I rarely draw and I don't post anywhere x'D;

I'm working hard on the projects I'm hired to do as usual, you can always see stuff about them (again) on my tumblr and twitter :)
I'm also teaching some courses this year in college and I'm really excited! I start next week with the first one! :D
I'm still sad there's no *cool stuff* I can post around here ): (I like keeping this gallery for the cool stuff that takes me long time to do... that's why I never post anything lately "Orz), so maybe with the help of Patreon I'll be able to post more things here again! I hardly make myself the time to draw personal things anymore ^^;

Take care everybody and thanks for reading! 
Hey everybody :)
I just finished the cover for the first volume of Scions of The Seraph (SOS Saga) and you can preorder it here:

You can also buy a poster print of the cover art over there or here at deviantART: 

I've been working hard on things I can't post for now, but expect a couple of submissions in the near future :3

Take care and thanks for reading!

Hey everybody! I hop you all had a nice 2013, now that the year is getting close to be over in a couple of weeks ^^
I also hope you all will have a nice holiday season! :D

I haven't been around deviantART much, I barely even check my watched deviations lately ^^; I've been a lot more active on twitter, tumblr and sometimes on Facebook :'D I'm sorry for being so absent this year >_<

This year has been super cool for me! I got an office job, I got to teach more classes, I got a bazillion projects to work on (I'm so behind schedule, "Orz) and I got to travel to USA and meet in person many wonderful friends! It's easily been one of the best years of my life and I'm very happy and thankful for it ^^
Now that i draw for a living, I don't get to draw many things for myself, and I often forget to upload things that I *can* show. I hopefully won't forget it so much next year ^^;
Thanks for the continuous support everybody, I hope I can deliver more and better art in the near future!




Because it'd take me forever to thank each and all of them, here, have a blanket huge thank you to all of you who took the time to leave a little message for me! :'D
Thanks a lot!!!! ^____________^

I'm 30 now, I'm old :'D lol (I still look -and act-  barely 20, hahaha x'D )


I've opened a little fundraiser at GoFundMe here

The reward tiers work pretty much as commissions, so if you want a sketch, a drawing or a watercolor painting from me, it's a good time to grab one (:

I'll be doing the simplest rewards before the trip and the rest after I return in September!


Hey everybody! It's been a while since I hung out here at dA! I've been busy between work and freelancing ^^;

I'll be visiting USA for the first time to meet with some awesome friends! I'll also be hanging out at sakevisual's table during a good part of the AnimeFest convention (, so if you want to come say hi, that'd be awesome! :D
I wont' be selling prints or anything, though ^^; But I guess you'll be able to buy some nice stuff at sakevisual's table with my art in it :P

Thanks for reading and take care!
Hopefully I'll be posting more art in the future ^^;
(you can always check my tumblr ( and facebook ( for more recent art updates!)
Because I can :'D

My friend KarlaDiazC is taking commission to pay for some classes.
Her work is awesome, you won't regret commissioning her <3
I mean, look at these cool sketches!
Sketches-instagram by KarlaDiazC
And this super cool cover for an interactive digital book!
Underground kingdom Cover by KarlaDiazC

More info here:…

And in other news, I don't know if you check my scraps, but I'm working on a NaNoRenO (one-month development of a Visual Novel challenge) project called Autumn's Journey, that is Ishtera-themed ^__^
(Yeah, I'm working on yet another project :'D No wonder I'm always busy "Orz)

You can check the development here:…

Thanks for reading!! *goes back to work*
Hi guys (:
I just wanted to let you know, in case you've commissioned something from me before and you're planning to do so again in the future, that I'll be raising my prices the next time I open commission slot.

I don't mean to be greedy! lol The fact is that commissions, specially the ones with backgrounds, are taking me a lot longer to finish than I've been calculating and charging for ^^; So I'll start charging more in order to meet my $/hr rates and be able to continue making a living off my art.

I'm really happy about this batch of commissions (even when if I've technically "lost" about $200 for working more than I charged for x'D; ), I feel I've improved especially on my coloring and on my backgrounds (I've actively tried to make them good, and they're partly at fault for images taking a lot longer ^^; ) I used to be really scared of backgrounds of any kind and now I look forward to painting them! And I wish I had more time to spend on each background to make it look perfect, but I only have so much time per piece ^^;

Thanks a lot for the support, for the kind words towards my art and I hope I can keep delivering you guys pretty images and keep improving to meet your expectations!

Thanks for reading (:
Hey guys! How has the new year treated you so far? I hope it's been good for you :)

Anyway, I've seen a lot of "Draw this again" memes, and I need to draw stuff for myself more often, so I thought I could dedicate an hour or so of my day to redraw an old image from my gallery.
I narrowed it down to a few older than 4 years old, but I can't pick my fav ones from those old gems... care to help me? :)

From 2008, a series I did for an assignment, of my always-changing-and-never-really-doing-anything-with-them Ishtera characters:
Ishtera - Three by DejiNyucu Ishtera- Talvi Group by DejiNyucu Alicia on the roof v2.0 by DejiNyucu

From 2007, a Vinca I actually got printed and taped in my wall for a good while and more Ishtera characters.
Vinca - autumn by DejiNyucu My valentine by DejiNyucu

From 2006, the oldest survivor of my Ishtera pictures :'D (the previous ones I deleted them from dA because of reasons and then my computer was stolen a couple of years ago and they were lost forever ;v; )
BTI - Nimariel and Liphilt by DejiNyucu

From 2005 a cute little reaper girl annoyed with her job
Cute Reaper Adelaide by DejiNyucu

And from 2004, one from the times I loved Ragnarok Online an was a GM at a private server when I was 21... oh those old times...
RO - GM and her BonGun by DejiNyucu

I hope I didn't kill your eyes too much and in the meantime also gave you some encouragement to keep practicing and improving.
Let me know which one of them you'd like to see me redraw! :)
May this year be filled with rich and interesting experiences that make you improve in many areas of your life! :D

A big hug to you all! ^___^
I just noticed o_o
Thank you so much!
Drawing Jay and Esther was lots of fun, and I still have a bunch of characters to draw for the game! Actually, I'm getting one done next week (I draw them very on and off ^^; )

I hope you all had a great Christmas and I hope you have a fun and safe New Year! Hopefully, next year I'll be able to draw more personal pieces too, the only things I ever draw now are characters and scenes for projects and/or commissions "Orz I miss drawing my characters ;o; (but then again, when I have free time, I want to do something besides sitting on my desk drawing on the Mac >: Like playing video games or reading!)

BTW, to all the people that have sent me notes about commissions, worry not, you're all on my schedule! I'll reply to you when I have time to work on your piece, and the ones I haven't replied about a quota yet, I'll do it in the next couple of days ^^

Thanks again for your support and thanks for reading ^^

I have some spare time next week and I'm short on funds to pay for bills and food, so I'm opening commissions!

Sketch/doodle: $15 + $10 per extra character.

Chibis and bust shots: $20 + $15 per extra character in the same picture

Character portraits: $30 + $20 for each extra character.

Scene: $50+ (depending on complexity)

You can see an example of each on my tumblr here…

Payment via Paypal, I'll only ask payment when I'm ready to start your commission, so don't worry about me not working on it and keeping the money ^^;
If you want something different, give me an example of what you want and I'll give you a quota.
Email me at mbgarcial (at) or send me a note with details if you're interested! (:

Thanks for reading ^__^

I have enough commissions to handle for the next few weeks, thanks a lot to the people that commissioned me! ^_^
I'll contact you when I require payment so I can start your pieces :)
Hey guys! It's been a while since I wrote a decent journal here that was not plugging or advertising something ^^;
Something possessed me today to browse through my Gallery and... well, I was embarrassed by what I found.
I mean I think I've improved a good amount over the last few years, so it's unavoidable to notice many *many* mistakes on the older pictures I have on display here. The older the images, the more mistakes I found ):
Aslo I have no idea what made me think that little drawings that took me little time to complete belonged anywhere other than in my scraps X____x.

So I decided to scrap a good amount of my gallery.

As for the older things that I already scrapped a few years ago, I went through those and put another good amount in storage. You can still see some stuff from 2004 if you're up to it, though! xD

On the bright side of things, I feel I've improved so much! I give what i draw a lot more thought now and I care about the quality of what i make a lot more too, so when i see older things that I didn't put much thought/effort into and I still thought they were *so* good and felt proud of them... it embarrasses me, because that's not who I am anymore.
I honestly felt I was the shit a few years ago, haha, and that I *deserved* pageviews and praise and crap. Now I just care about improving and getting better because it's my job and I want to do a good job! And I also want that, if people are going to praise me, they do it because its something I *really* out a lot of love into.

I don't post here as much, because I honestly don't feel the necessity to; back in the day I had many friend here and I loved sharing my art with them, then I started liking the praise and the pageviews and all that stuff, and at some point I decided it wasn't doing me any favor so I left dA, only to return when I craved the attention again and I needed money and a place to advertise my commissions.

I still sketch and doodle stuff when I have the time, and post previews an WIPS and things, but I usually do so now in the forums I go to, on twitter and on Facebook, sometimes on Tumblr too, where I feel I can have a more... uhm... closer interaction with the people looking at my things I guess?
I think I should only post things I'm really proud of over here, that's why I haven't been posting much this year (that and most of what I've done is work-related!).

Anyway... Just felt like sharing this.
I'm sorry for rambling too much ^^;

Thanks for reading!
I'm really happy to tell you that the Evilot Kickstarter campaign is close to end in about... 40 minutes and we reached our goal! (:
That means my composer team-mate will get his music recorded by an orchestra <3 I'm very proud of him! :D

We sadly didn't get enough money to pay for a nice office to work at, so i'll keep working from home ^^; I'll keep doing my best to make Evilot a pretty looking game! :)

Thanks for reading ^^
Because I don't have the time to reply to every single birthday greeting I've got today, but I've read them all and I've been ridiculously happy today when reading them!

Seriously, thank you! To my friend, to the people I'm acquaintances with, to the people that like my art and never really have had the chance to talk to and to the people that just randomly saw a birthday notification on their dA account and decided to spare a few seconds to post me something....


You've made me *really* happy today ^______^

Thanks for reading ;)
I made myself a Facebook fan page.
Because I can.

Now let's see how I manage to stay active on all the social media sites I participate! x'D
(I try to keep things varied and not crosspost things too much!)

Thanks for reading :)