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Improvement - 2003 to 2015

Last time I touched this one was in 2009 o_o;
I have terrible memory, so I had to check my old blog for what was I doing exactly most of the years from there to 2012 ^^;
I also lost my computer and all my files on early 2011. I migrated my files a lot since then, so I've lost some of my old art in between as well.

Oh well. 
As you can see, I'm a slow improver. I'm also old :'D There is so much young talented people around now, I get so envious of everybody's talent :')

Also 2015 kind of sucked.
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.....You had A LOT of years of practice.....No surprise there, I suppose. It just made me realize again that I just have to practice A LOT! And maybe also take an illustration or drawing lesson somewhere, or actually get a TABLET!! OTL

Did you ever take a drawing/illustration lesson? All I had were not-so-rigourous school art classes, and some tutoring from my school art teacher last year. I honestly don't think that's enough, but there's a lot of artists here who seemed to be self-taught or something.....