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Improvement - 2003 to 2015

By DejiNyucu
Last time I touched this one was in 2009 o_o;
I have terrible memory, so I had to check my old blog for what was I doing exactly most of the years from there to 2012 ^^;
I also lost my computer and all my files on early 2011. I migrated my files a lot since then, so I've lost some of my old art in between as well.

Oh well. 
As you can see, I'm a slow improver. I'm also old :'D There is so much young talented people around now, I get so envious of everybody's talent :')

Also 2015 kind of sucked.
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thePeppermint1223's avatar
.....You had A LOT of years of practice.....No surprise there, I suppose. It just made me realize again that I just have to practice A LOT! And maybe also take an illustration or drawing lesson somewhere, or actually get a TABLET!! OTL

Did you ever take a drawing/illustration lesson? All I had were not-so-rigourous school art classes, and some tutoring from my school art teacher last year. I honestly don't think that's enough, but there's a lot of artists here who seemed to be self-taught or something.....
Dekarth's avatar
Wow, la primera vez que vi un dibujo tuyo fue en Zoomby Ro, para un concurso, ya entonces eras muy pro.  (me senti viejo al escribir eso)
Puede ser esfuerzo, o talento, un poco de ambos, el resultado es increible!
Espero seguir viendo tu arte durante muchos años y que sigas mejorando!!!!
AmaiNeiko's avatar
You're not too old <3 There's only a 2-3 year difference between us. You've accomplished so much! ^w^ I love seeing this progress, your art is amazing!
MagicalSakura's avatar
I can't believe I've been following you for over a decade omg, this is nice to see though because I didn't realize how much you had developed over the years. Looking good, definitely think your art is becoming more and more refined~
happypiggy's avatar
Man, this post fills me with hope :') I haven't been drawing much lately at all, but I will definitely change that in 2016! 
Also I'm kinda jelly of your career, I think it's swell to draw so much art for VNs :D
DejiNyucu's avatar
We can do it! Let's have an amazing 2016! :D

I'm blessed to have people that keep hiring me to draw for VNs, it's so much fun ;v;
happypiggy's avatar
Yes, let's! :"D

Can't wait to see more of your stuff this year! C:
Artifedex's avatar
Deji you were one of the first people I found on here and you've always been a huge inspiration to me and my art! Since 2005 (that ol' FMA art will always be my fav FMA fanart tbh) I've looked to be as professional as you and I hope to make it in visual novels too! 

I hope 2016 is a good year to you and all the other artists here! Let's do our best! :D (first goal for me is to beat this nasty cold/flu I've had for over a week happy new year lol)
DejiNyucu's avatar
Aww ;v; 
You'll kick my ass in no time making VN art once you make it in ;)

Let's have an amazing 2016! (and hope your flu is over by now! )
WridianGrey's avatar
Yeah, it's one thing to look at someone's art and be impressed by superior skills of one sort or another, that's no big deal. But then to see they're better and younger... That's a different story.

And I agree on 2015 not being a great year. I guess on the upside nothing went catastrophically wrong, but nothing really got better at all either. Just a year of many small problems in the grand scheme of things.
DejiNyucu's avatar
I have mixed feelings about talented young people.
In one hand, I'm incredibly envious of their talent and I wish I was as talented as they are at their age, so I could be even better at my age than I currently am... and it makes me want to go crawl under a rock because I'll never measure up; but on the other hand it's really cool and I'm really happy for them and inspired, and it makes me want to improve myself to catch up :)

I've heard mixed reviews of 2015, haha. I know many people that had a bunch of issues and inconveniences, but I also know a handful that did awesome and had great things happen in their lives! Hopefully 2016 will be awesome to all the people that felt let down by 2015 :)
WridianGrey's avatar
I don't have any negative feelings toward those talented whippersnappers either, it's just mostly the "go crawl under a rock" thing. Also "dang, that's the talent I'm competing with."

But yeah, hopefully 2016 will finally be the year of things getting better!
manic-medic's avatar
You're the first person I followed on dA and I have always admired your artwork from day 1! Whenever I draw or try to improve on my doodles, you are my inspiration :) 
DejiNyucu's avatar
Awww ;v;
I'm glad I can inspire you! I'll try my best to keep improving so I can be worthy of your admiration <3
krow000666's avatar
WinterWolvesG's avatar
I think from 2007 to 2010 you made the biggest leap forward in terms of improvements on your skills :)
DejiNyucu's avatar
Those were experimenting years before starting to work more professionally :)
It's fun to see the improvement and how I started "setting" on a style some more :3
panda-pencils's avatar
You're literally twice my age and a billion times better than me :O
I hope I get to be as amazing as you one day :D
DejiNyucu's avatar
You'll be better than me in half the time ;)

kura-ou's avatar
You're not old and I'm sorry that 2015 sucked but I wanted you to know that you will always be one of the most inspirational, most professional artists to me ;//u//; I learned how to draw chibis over a decade ago because of your FMA chibi tutorial in the 2000's. And other than through zeiva, you were one of the first game artists I knew of on dA. I want you to know that I am very thankful to you for shaping a chunk of my artist life. I'm sure that you've inspired countless others, too, and would like to thank you :heart:

I hope that you have a wonderful 2016 :heart: and please take care!
DejiNyucu's avatar
Aw thank you so much for your kind words ;v;
I'll do my best in 2016 >o<!!!

And hope you have a wonderful 2016 as well <3
roxas-kitax's avatar
There may be a lot of young people who can imitate art but a lot of the younger artists these days do not know the basics. You may be old..heck I think I'm old compared to some, but you have improved! :3

It's a good way to show those that are fixing to graduate from college (like me xD;) that there is hope for a job doing art. ^^ Thank you so much for sharing this. I should really do one like this too. OwO;
DejiNyucu's avatar
I seriously envy the access to art and to tutorials that people have these days. I only got internet when I was 18 and I wasn't very... disciplined when it came to learning, myself (I still am not, that's why I improve slow >> )

I've been told many times that a college degree is not particularly useful in the art field, as long as you're good. I know a number of people that studied something completely unrelated and are amazing artists! They were disciplined and worked hard on their free time to improve, though.
I may not make a lot of money with art, but I get enough to pay my bills, which is more than enough in my book ^^

Best luck to you! :D

roxas-kitax's avatar
I do too. I'm quite picky on some tutorials since I like it to relate to what I want in my art style. xD; Most of the time I'm way to busy with college art projects that I don't get any free time to work on personal things. A lot of people don't understand that if you practice too hard you might be hurting your drawing arm. There's always time to perfect your skill but no one really becomes a perfectionist in such a small amount of time. ^^; I mean the artists of the past were never happy with their art. They wanted to improve but never really considered themselves to be perfectionists. xD

I've been told that too and also that college isn't worth it..but it depends on how hard you work and if you choose to listen to your Professors..also doing what you like to do and trying to use it in the format guidelines that your professor wants for a project. When I first started I had no idea that you could compromise with a professor on trying to do a project that relates to what you love to do but still able to learn the basics and follow their guidelines. xD;

I think a lot of artists these days want to be the next top gaming artist but it's not that easy. You have to start small and work your way up though. >w<; I'm not aiming on being rich or anything...just having enough to pay bills and a little extra from time to time is enough for me. ^^; The hardest thing I find where I live is that companies do not want to hire college students that haven't graduated yet..even if it's a small job like Starbuck's. I've seen a lot of small businesses hire high school and sometimes middle school students rather than college's sad. 

But anyways thank you. :3 Best of luck to you too. ^^
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