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Ilima - dress version

By DejiNyucu
Hello everybody!
This is another Patreon perk, this time part of the monthly raffle (I'm late with it, haha, I'm always late with things :'D )
This one was for TheeForsakenOne, last raffle's winner :)

Hope you like it! 
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weasel124's avatar
theres another version? where?
MAMsaki's avatar
Adoro ese color verde esmeralda... *snif* casi despues de llover y el sol resalta ese hermoso verde... que lindura de coloreado la in love 
Azareea's avatar
Love the hair!!! :la: :D
XandImus's avatar
x-il-ent-ly goregous
KarlaDiazC's avatar
Q linda! Pero que lata q tenga las patas cortadas XD
DejiNyucu's avatar
Si x'D
No quería achicarla más en la hoja, pero fue una mala idea de composición :')
Riiriimush's avatar
Oww so sweet *-*
sira's avatar
Te has superado! Esta muy bien currado! Felicidades!
DejiNyucu's avatar
Muchas gracias! :)
PeppermintRain's avatar
Beautiful, love her hair and eyes especially, and all the green :aww:
DejiNyucu's avatar
Thank you! Drawing/coloring greenery is one of my fav things <3 (fav color!)
The-Nonexistent's avatar
Siempre tan suavecitas tus ilustracioens *-* te sigo desde los tiempos del foro de arte del zro :'D
y es hermoso como has evolucionado con los años *-* este me gustó en particular por lo prolijo de los detalles *-* muy lindo!! <3
DejiNyucu's avatar
ohhhh que tiempos aquellos! xD
Muchas gracias! 
Y me alegra que se note la mejoría, aunque yo muchas veces no lo note, jajaja xD
DingXiAng's avatar
First of all, this is very well done as always. I would agree with all the comments mentioning a "natural" or rather organic feel. 
I just felt like pointing out that I feel like your style is maturing alot as of late, I can see some stylistic alterations especially in the facial features and limbs (hands/feet/proportions). Call me crazy but I just felt like mentioning it, not that it isn't a welcome change. Always brings a smile to my face whenever you post another work, thank you again:3
DejiNyucu's avatar
Oh, you think so?
I... usually do whatever feels right for the picture I'm doing, haha, but style change is good! :)
I just try to have the most fun :3

Glad you liked it ^___^
XandImus's avatar
lovely...just lovely!
the-monkey-ninja's avatar
gfhIUAEhfiuaeghfIUGEHAf :heart: Elf :heart: :iconraepfaceplz:
jigglysama's avatar
Luce divina. Su hermosa y larga cabellera verde se mezcla bien con el fondo natural. Y como de costumbre tu artes son simplemente geniales. :)
DejiNyucu's avatar
Muchas gracias! :)
Me entretuve mucho jugando con los colores de la imagen para que no se viera una masa verde, jaja. Fue un agrado de dibujar y pintar <3

Damaged927's avatar
She looks absolutely lovely!  Her ears are just gorgeous and the flowing of her hair feels very natural :D
DejiNyucu's avatar
Thank you! :D
I love drawing elves and pretty hair, hehe <3
TheeForsakenOne's avatar
Well I've already given you my opinion but I'm more than happy to do so again. I absolutely love it. You did a fantastic job with it. There's really nothing I don't love about it. :heart:

I hope your wrist is feeling better too.
DejiNyucu's avatar
I'm really happy you liked her, I had *LOTS* of fun working on her, so it was my pleasure <3

And my wrist is fine and ready to destroy itself with more work again >D
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