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Cute Demon Crashers! (18+ game)

By DejiNyucu
Hey, so I've been very MIA from deviantART, since I've focused on tumblr, Patreon and twitter, mostly... but I wanted to share this with you :)
This is a game we made for NaNoRenO but that ended up being longer than we planned and we finally released it a couple of days ago.

It's 18+ content (you can censor genitals and female nipples, though!), very *very* fluffy and platonic, very asexual friendly as well :)

So if you like otome games and you're 18 years old or older, give it a try!…
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It made me feel a bit better about myself. Honestly, Kael is the best. They're all so wonderful though. >////< I loved this. Grazie, amore.

I kind of wanted to establish a romantic relationship in the end with them though. I figure that it's mostly just a sort of friends with benefits sort of thing at the end since both Orias and Mirari said that succubuses and incubuses can't form romantic relationships... But I really wanted to hope that that could change since Akki called the character his lover. But I realized it was probably just something to call people they're close to, since Orias called that one man his lover and still said the said relationship quote. -sigh- Well... It's fine...

orz    :iconcryforeverplz:
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Loved this game!!
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one of the only sexual artistic works that i can actually be comfortable with, as a grey-a person ^-^ love your game to bits!

the stop button is one of the best things ever omg.
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CSM LO AMO lo mo juego buenooooo!!!!! gracias xd ultra lindo los demons los ame a todos <3
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I played all choices multiple times, but still in the opening theme I don't have Akki ;-;
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Gotta fav this.
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i love drawing demons xD
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Darn, just because it has "demon" in the title and this cute demon lady.. and spiffy art, I'm tempted XD... do you think it's appreciable by males in spite of the otome slant?
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Sorry for the late reply!
Some guys have enjoyed it, but it's mainly aimed to teens and young adult girls into vanilla stuff, also towards inexperienced girls :P
So... play at your own risk! xD
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Wait wait wait, the demon lady is /not/ the protagonist... Awesome :D   That answers my question ^_^
UnknownPsyche's avatar
I absolutely loved it! It was so adorable. I think the only thing that would make it even more amazing was the option to switch to a male for the main character if you wished. :D
But it was so wonderful! I had quite a few giggles. It was nice to have the humor thrown in here and there xD

Sakata Gintoki  (Worship) [V1] 
DejiNyucu's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing it <3
Making a male main character would have taken double the time to do, because redrawing everything :'D 
(also no boobs = no appeal to me, lol )
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Ahahaha Noted! XD
I can only imagine the extra time! I love the way you drew them though, the art really makes it and it really sucks you in. 
It was still amazing and you did an amazeballs job Bro hug 
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Sounds cute, fun, and sexy. All the characters are so pretty X3 Can't wait to play :heart:
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Oh it looks great! I'm going to check it out.  Reminds me I never did finish my first Renpy game o.o;; 
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I THOUGHT that was your art style!  You deserve the maddest of props for making this game.

Mad props to whoever did your GUI.  I started laughing the moment I saw the STOP button changed to a RED button in Orais' scenes.  THAT'S ATTENTION TO DETAIL RIGHT THERE.

Actually, mad props to the writers in general.  I have never laughed so hard at sex scenes that were actually meant to inspire laughter before. 

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