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Autumn's Journey - together (+ art book)

By DejiNyucu

The Autumn’s Journey Art Booklet is out!

Come and grab it here:

It’s 110 pages of PDF goodness with all the game art, extra sketches, creators commentary, two little side stories and the players fan art gallery~

Thanks a lot again to the lovelies that drew fan art of Autumn’s Journey, we’re really happy!

So we hope you enjoy this art book, it has a lot of love put into it <3

PS: You can get the art book for free just with your email and paying $0 . If you can't or don't want to spend any money on it, that's okay! We want you to enjoy it anyway :D


Autumn's Journey © Apple Cider Team 2013-2014

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Um, I gave my gmail to get the artbook, but it says that my email isn't valid...What's going on~??
thePeppermint1223's avatar
All of the VNs you work on are really heart warming and I love it!! Played Cute Demon Crashers (got a little red with this one ^^;;) and C14 Dating Demo XD

Then why the hell am I not playing this already?!
Suiko-san's avatar
Your visual novel was really one of the very best I've ever played ! I almost cried at the end, so beautiful ! I hope the thought of making a second part could still be a possibility !!!!
knotnicenety's avatar
I just finished it's very wonderful! everything is awesome!!
I want to write more but my English skill is ---quite bad hahaha so game ever! XD
/ i wish maybe you will make Autumn's Journey 2 >_</
TheSilentDreams's avatar
This was the cutest and sweetest game I played in quite some time. Loved every bit of it (art,story...everything).  Thank you for taking time and making it, and this lovely artbook. I hope there will be more games in the near future.
DejiNyucu's avatar
Thanks for playing it and I'm really glad you enjoyed it! ^__^
AceLemigane's avatar
you all need to make a second game ;-;
HotaruLight's avatar
I'VE LOVED THIS GAME SO MUCH! Thank you for creating it *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart)  Hope you'll continue making beutiful visual novels like this (or even the second part of this one, just suggesting hehe) Heart 
AceLemigain's avatar
I still only ship kerr and Aura
Kyoshyu's avatar
Polka-Dotted-Yoshi's avatar
I loved leafing (can I say that for digital reading?) through this art book!  :nuu:
I even had "Thank You" by Jason Chen playing in the background while I looked through it to fit the mood.
I'd love to see more of the cast from Autumn's Journey in the future.  The second I see some sort of spin-off/sequel to this game, I'll be sure to download it too.  Autumn's Journey by itself was definitely a mood raiser, what with it's calming atmosphere.  :heart:

Also...  Thank you again for adding my fan art into the booklet~  :iconjumpinglaplz:
I loved seeing the other pieces everyone else submitted.  :D
XandImus's avatar
completely fab-taztic indeed!
Leaf-Sunstriker's avatar
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czmAvery's avatar

I only donated $7 cuz that's all I had ... I'm so sorry ... TT.TT
DejiNyucu's avatar
Awww thank you ;v;
Glad you liked it!! >o<
czmAvery's avatar
I'm sorry I couldn't do more ... TT.TT
DejiNyucu's avatar
That's okay! Thanks for donating at all ;v; We really appreciate it!
We want everybody to enjoy the art book >w<
czmAvery's avatar
Everybody should! I know I loved it! XD
Hikapi's avatar
Wow, this is great. ^^
KairaTheWolf's avatar
I'll get the art book on Friday when I get paid again.  Can't wait to see everything.  ^_^
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