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Autumn's Journey

By DejiNyucu
Hey... long time no post :'D
I've been busy ^^;;;

Anyway... uh... remember Ishtera guys? My world with dragon people and stuff?
Well, me and some friend have been working on some sort of a prequel Visual Novel with new characters and stuff for around a year, very on and off...

And it's done.

So go play it, it's free :)

Hope you like it ^____^
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recently finished this. nice and charming! 
oh. my. goodness.  That (Autumn's Journey original) was more beautiful and entertaining than most of the V/N games I've PAID cold hard cash for.  It was so so short but the characters are so immediately likeable.  Please please please tell other 'game developers' THIS is how it's done.  I kinda wish I could get refunds on those other poorly drawn duds and give YOU the money instead. I could look at these images forever!
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:squee: Oh my God, Kerr is such a cute baby~ By the way, is his hair blue at the tips?? It kind of looks like it. Still, he's so cute. Hmmmmmgh!!~ I can't explain how much I love him!! I enjoyed this game so much. -gives praise to you-
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awww this game was soo lovely :D i especially really really appreciated that it paid attention and love to the protag's relationship with her mother ^-^ mother-daughter relationships other than disney evil antagonism are so under-shown ._.

also, ilmari is really freaking adorable xD but i loooved that you could be with him while still actively caring about and being friends with kerr ;w; he's really funny btw haha XD
CloversInTheSnow's avatar
I truly loved this <3 it was sooo sweet and gawd. :squee:
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Love this game very much!!!
When I become a computer scientist in a couple years time I will be sure to help u create more games ^.^
I just wanted to thank you with all my heart for making the most heart-warming beautiful story line I have ever read <3 .I love the characters you made they are each uniquely special and I LOVE each one of them <3 I can feel the love for which you made this game <3 <3... I just wanted to say its a master piece genius <3 .You`ll inspire me to become a Computer Scientist and to create games like this <3 .You`ll remind me of my childhood and my brothers that I dearly miss -U made me feel how to be a child again . I am truly touched...Ur game music is epitomizes beauty and hope <3 .I love it ! <3 .I never cried as hard for years until I played your game <3 touched more than my heart. I hope this inspires you to create more games <3 URL amazing simply stated <3. I gave Autumn Journey a very big place in my heart <3. I <3 your`ll beautiful <3 absolutely. I am now a big fan and will support your`ll <3 !. LOVE  URL <3 <3
Please tell us when the sequel is coming out CANT WAIT !!! <3
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED YOUR GAME !!!! I was crying soooo HARD in the end YOU REALLY TOUCHED MY HEART .I BEG! U to make an sequel its simply a master piece. IT would be a SIN if you never complete it <3. I LOVE U GAME 100/100 TOUCHED my heart ! <3 I absolutely love aura and Kerr - AuraXKerr <3<3<3 ..MASTER PIECE WORK MASTERPIECE PLEASE WE WANT MORE !!! <3 <3 A SEQUEL <3 <3 !!!
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It's not working for me. it keeps saying not found
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Wow, the character design is fantastic, not to mention its free ( Double bonus ) I'll make sure to try it when I had the time. For now I shall add it to my list of favorites Favourites 
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This Visual Novel is so inspiring to me! I'm so thankful to you and your whole team for making this. Everything about this VN was high quality! If you ever decide to make a sequel to Autumn's Journey, or another story in Ishtera, I would gladly fund/pay for it! You guys are so talented and inspire me as an artist, voice actress and writer. :)
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THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS! I cried at the end! I'd love to play more of your works. Love 

I took the Ilmari route, btw. 
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Played it last night and sacrificed sleep for it hahaha

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Omg i loved it
we need more!!!
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Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful game with a heartwarming story! >< The music really evoked the right emotions in each scene, and the ending felt very sweet and sad at the same time. I found myself playing the ending credits over and over to experience that feeling again. x3 I truly loved the characters and their development throughout the game, and I ended up drawing fanart for the first time ever because of it. I'm not sure if this is the right place to do so, but I want to share it with you as my expression of gratitude. ^^  I'm also striving to become a game dev myself, and hope that someday I may also become able to create stories and experiences that touch people's hearts like Autumn's Journey did for me.…

Stay awesome! Can't wait for the sequel!
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I just finished playing my second round.... the feels in this sincerely made me cry. The ending was really amazing and even though I am extremely satisfied with the end results... I was still secretly hoping they'd stay anyway ^^' I felt like I myself had truly bonded with these characters and it saddened me to the point of near sobbing when Kerr and Ilmari left. I hope I hear about the sequel soon! Also, extreme thanks to you and everyone else who worked on this. Without you guys I never would have experienced such a heartfelt story. Thanks so much and great job :D
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I just stumbled across Autumn's Journey and I'm so happy I did. Thank you for such a great game! Kerr and Ilmari are adorable; I hope the plans for the sequel pan out because I really want to see more of them. =D
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I'm so glad to see the Ishtera world still going strong after all these years. :) I only just came back to DA. I still remember all the old characters.  The new characters are so cute. An excellent prequel. Fantastic PDF too. Keep up the amazing work.
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Glad you enjoyed it! <3
I'm really happy I found somebody to work on Ishtera with <3
We're planning a sequel to this story and, eventually if things work out, to get to the story with the original Ishtera group :3
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This game was amazing!! :D They were all so adorable!! :happybounce: Love 
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 Wow that was just an amazing story!! Totally enveloped in the characters!!! Everything was just written perfectly, and I love how Kerr came out as an Earth Dragon <3 <3 Can not wait for the sequel!!!!
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Found recently "Autumn's Journey"- god, I'm in love with this game, the characters & your great artwork! Buyed the Artbook. :3 Thank you (and all the people who worked on it) so much for making.
Looking forward to see/read/play sequel(s), keep up the good work. 

(and it would be so awesome if there would be little, magical Kerr-Auralee Babies in the future la in love)
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