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FMA: Operator Operator

By DejikoMewMew
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Just a kinda quick drawing... I decided to color since it was kinda simple, but I was also playing around with some settings and such. You may notice the coloring is different, as I used a soft-edged brush... O_o Let me know if you like it. ^^;; You may also notice... THE LINES ARE NICER!! O_O This is all thanks to Ariana Cheryll Patrish from GAIA. She taught me an UBER trick! ^o^Um... So I was going to draw Hughes and Roy in a nice pose that I was going to print out and put in a picture frame XD I ended up drawing chibis. XD Which I'm not too good at... well, they're not exactly "chibis" they're just kids... >_>;; which are kinda chibi... AT ANY RATE!!! I thought, "What would Hughes make Roy play?" and came up with this. ^_^;; Oh yes, and Roy's armband looks weird because I cut the picture off of an official one and that was the best I could get... ^^;; Damn shading!

One last thing. ^o^ Yes, Roy is wearing the GAIA flame shirt :p
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Hughes: Sooo... that girl next door seems to like you...~
Roy: SHUDDAP! >_<

My interpretation ^_^;
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oh my god theyre so cute, i just wanna hug them.
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Total Favorite! XD This is just how I pictured them as kids. Your awesome. And so it this art. ^^
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lol!! *clicks fave button*
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aw, they're adorable! *glomps*
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Hughes dosen't have a kid... What's he talking to Roy about? His future kid?
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That is sooo cute! *squee*
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Eeee!! Izzy! ^__^ Great picture~ x3
By the way, it's Winry from the Colossal Con. ^^ -nodnod-
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:giggle: heeheehee...that's so perfect!
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Aww, Roy and Hughes are so cute! Awesome job!
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lol. Never pictured those two as kids.... funny though! :+fav:
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Hughes is so cute here ^_^ nice job x3
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awww this is so uber kawaii and funny as hell!!! I bet they were really like this as kids!!! great work!
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*snickes and points* Oh my. Some people just never change, do they? Very cute. Hughes is adorable, and Roy just makes me laugh. Excellent.
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That is SOOO adorable and poooooooor Roy!


*gg* *whispers* psst, the flame shirt makes roy look soooo gay, it's so funny! <3 <3
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Mwahaha~!! I knows!! XDDDD
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uwaaii!! Cutee!!
I luv this one!
*faves it~
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:lmao: They're so funny!!!=D Especially Taisa:love:!!
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Wahaha, I've never pictured them as kids before :O_o:... Hahaha, poor Roy.. I wonder what he's telling him all about as a kid..
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