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Metro Clock V3

Lock screens styles:
Windows 8 Build 7955
Building Windows 8 Demo
Windows 8 Developer Preview

Click and swipe up to close Metro clock
Drop down animation on start
Works with screen saver selector
Use Video as background
Lock screen layouts are stored inside dll files (no more updating whole app for new lock screen)
Pattern Lock works but its not usefull

Updated on 5. February 2012

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But it crashes whenever I click "Save"

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Very Nice art Sir...!:wave:

after changing my computer (still Win 7, 64 Bit) , Metro Clock doesn't work any more... :-( *sniff*

The .scr-file and the folder are both in the Windows\System32-Folder.
I've tried to have all the permessions to write and read for the files.
When I start the Scree Saver Selector and select Metro Clock, I can press Settings once: Nothing happens -- and the button's grey and doesn't react any more:
Screenshot by ervau

Help - it's the most wonderful screensaver I ever had.
Thanks - Robert
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Do you have .Net 4.0 installed?
What happens if you right click on Metro Clock.scr and select configure?
What happens if you right click on Metro Clock.scr and select test?

Regards, Dejan
Amazing job! Even more so after combining it with AutoHotkey+a few rows of c++ in order to make it appear upon account locking. To get the perfect thing, though, I would need the screensaver to split over two screens when I am at work... Is there any chance to make it possible?
I reply to myself: using properly enlarged picture, to fit both the screens, and choosing "uniform to fill" in "Background Image size mode" definitely did the job!
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Great work. I like it !!!
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Your work here is very nice!!
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Hello! Thanks for Screensaver! Tell me, please, can i change keyboard shortcut (esc) on left mouse click? 
I wish there was a way to show Windows 8 notifications etc. within Metro Clock.
That would be awesome :)
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doesnt' work :( i've copied it across but not getting any settings. another website mentions you need to install under registry? please advice. 

I copy Metro Clock.scr and it's folder, I set it to be on my lockscreen, but it doesn't work. Not even a single error or something.
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Can you share the wallpaper on the bottom last shot? Thanks.
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that settings didn't come like that in my computer... It was just setting your font type, date time type, font opacity and font color... Just it :(
How can i get that completely settings like your screen shot?

Btw, thx a lot...
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love your screensaver..
is that built from c#?

can you make the exe files? not screensaver.. Sweating a little...
I'm still having the issue that MetroClock crashes when your try to save the settings.
I've given all user and admins full control (read, write, modify, etc) to settings.xml. I've changed the ownership to my current user (I've also tried all other users), but it still crashes.
My current user is the admin. Everything worked right after I installed Win7, but when I started to install other apps and update windows (including updating .Net 4), it suddenly stopped working.

When it crashes, I get the following in the problem details - Problem Event Name: CLR20r3.

Can anyone help me with this?
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can you post full error report please
Seems like restarting the PC after setting the ownership helps
Would love this with an option to display the local weather weather forecast :)
Ergh what the hell happened there :(
Using this on Windows 8. Fantastic. Thank you.
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Hi, this work i awesome but i have just one problem. I can't make metro clock v3 works properly, cause sometimes i works fine as screen saver and after the amount of minutes i have set, metro clock appears with no problems, but sometimes it doesn't work and just no appears. What could be the problem? if you have some tip please?...
Thanx for your work cause is very usefull!
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Gracias por el archivo esta bueno.
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