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prometheus and god
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Published: July 9, 2012
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I did this image over the famous Michelangelo fresque ''God breathed life into Adam''

left side : mainly I wanted to show you who not create man.
Man was created from idea, idea is something that no one has proved, but it is obvious to everyone, Prometheus is knowledge and snake is a metaphor for danger of creativity.
Creativity and technology is not good or bad, it is not action,man must choose his way.
on right side : I tried to do a completely different world of giger,right side is a man and his first divine side,
(big fish girl body with the baby at the end of the antenna) :0
man must choose to which side to tie umbilical coard.

stock ;)…
i use this stock for tail of the snake,on arm... sarahekushner.files.wordpress.…

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Searching the net for a suitable cover picture for a volume (collection of academic articles) about posthumanism in post-"Arab Spring" literature, my colleague and I found your "Prometheus" and immediately agreed that this is exactly what we were looking for. Would you grant us permission to use it? It would be "commercial use" in the strict sense of the word, but there will be only some 250 copies or so printed, and the publishers will not really earn money on the book, which is for specialists only (and we have to pay already to get it published). What do you think?

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brilliant and deeply symbolic!

i see it differently then the artist. i see adam as the engineer, the snake around his arm representing the manipulation of DNA in utero. the foetus is the gift or reward for the engineer's work and sacrifice (the cut finger). god represents genetics or the modern day marriage of science and technology married at the biological level. the female form for the creation and gestation of the new life form. the alien sacrificing his blood for the creation of mankind.
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cool...some channelling of michael parkes ...on steroids...except that MP usually uses classical skin...
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evokkingProfessional General Artist
 Oh my God this is so dope!
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Fantástico esta arte .
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Dear Dejano23

I would like to have your permission to use your wonderful image of "Prometheus and God" for a research paper I was requested to write.

The paper is for an international conference about visual culture and image communication (basically organized by Architects, Pedagogues and Psychologists). You can check the call at this website:

I will write in the capitation:

"Fig. X. "Prometheus and God" by Dejano23. Source:… "

The paper is only an academic production and not commercial of course and I would like to put your image as an evidence of my thesis. Please let me know if I have your permission or if I must change something in the capitation. Write me for confirmation at


Thank You and congratulations


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Sorry. I forgot to thank you.....Thank you very much.
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one ugly god.
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I can look at it for half an hour. You are truly a blessed artist.
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westcatHobbyist Filmographer
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PrettyNormalMediaProfessional General Artist
Just incredible, absolutely trippy as well.
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FreshHumanFishHobbyist General Artist I captured this image to memorize the end, this being comment n° 667. Nice work!
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JosephIsMeBroHobbyist Traditional Artist
The fish women reminds me of a deep sea Angler fish, is there a relation? I mean your idea for the design? Kinda a good choice considering the male species fuse on to the female to fertilise the eggs. Otherwise an awesome coincidence! I love your piece ether way, its incredibly creative.  
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Wow crazy details. :) . This looks pretty awesome.!
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