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Guys, guess who's back?

That's right - a little Shitface, and, apparently by the number of his accounts he's stronger than ever. He's actually stronger than deviantArt itself, because they can't (or doesn't want) to deal with him in a proper way. So there's a plenty of room for little Shitface to shit on other peoples accounts (unfortunately, it's not just me, it's many others fellow deviants too).
False accusations, "Hidden by Commenter" things, threatening notes, password retrieval, all kind of harassment, art stealing - you name it, he's done it all.

Here's a post about that who's little Shitface, and what he's doing lately: A warning of dangerThis post is archived here:
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EDIT: Do not engage in conversation with them. The journal is meant to inform, not for taking represalies. It usually takes its art from other parts of internet so it is not probably steal your art, anyway, if that happens now you know about.
EDIT: Also, Mangakiss now is going into hacking
Mangakiss is the head of a army of double accounts and fake and steal poster that harass people.
I will provide a fully proof of this.
Mangakiss. About the steal wor

If any of this profiles try to contact you and told you that I have something with hacker/bot activity then you'll know what's going on. Don't buy that cheap idiocy, you all know me better than that.
For example, things will look pretty much this way: Dejan Delic stealing art !!! or, in a very poor Photoshop filters manipulation form like this:… Or, I could be simply accused to possess a tones of different accounts here on dA: dejan-delic : LIST FALSE ACCOUNTS
List of accusation is endless. Insane, I know.
There's also a YT channel with my name and my artwork, because little Shitface like to play his games on every network fertile soil. Plus, in the description there's an info in which say: "Sale service pageviews or service rental my watchers", along with my dA link. I mean - really??? Just how fucked up is that??? Here some links of it too:… with "my" comment below the video: [link]  Needless to say that I don't have a YT account.

Latest thing is (June 27) that Mangakiss has contacting outside hackers here on dA to actually hack and retrieve my IP address. If you have received something like this just ignore it. I'm sure you guys have better things to do.

There's a plenty of false accusation on me all over dA, but I'll not going to bother you with it. I just wanted to say that I can't do nothing about it, and deviantArt can't do nothing about it too. Sadly, little Shitface is too strong in this very moment for both of us.

Yours sincerely, one and only,
Dejan Delic