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Victarion Greyjoy

By dejan-delic
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Helm in a shape of a kraken, big sharp axe, full plate at open sea…it must be only Victarion Greyjoy. :D
Fearless warrior, Lord Captain of The Iron Fleet, he is one of the biggest badass character of ASOIAF. Can’t wait to see what will be happen with this ironborn hero in future books.
Until then - "We Do Not Sow!" of course. ;)

Just a quick note: I saw today this illo after five years ago, and I've noticed some things that needs to be modified.
I just had to change a helmet design, because, frankly, old version was ridiculous by all means. I admit. :D Also, added a few details here & there, but nothing too much. ;)

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Revisiting your GOT series. A terrific volume of work. Just picked a couple of 'faves.'
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Ah, back to ASOIAF, huh? Tnx, glad you've visit it, and tnx for faves. :D
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This is an awesome depiction of Victarian. He is one of my favourite badasses from asoiaf. 
Speaking of badasses would you consider drawing Bloodraven, Bittersteel and Daemon Blackfyre all in their armor too?
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Tnx, glad you like it! :) This one is some five years old, and when I seen it now there's a lot things I would like to change...that helmet in the first place... :D

Well, in last couple of years, I was kind of gave up on ASOIAF fan art in general...the thing is I was a big fan of book series, and makes me puke to see how long Martin need to actually finish it...not to mention that last two books are huge disappointment in quality...then, there's that abominable tv show GOT, which completely ruined my interest in ASOIAF, that would be it.
Also, after I found Malazan series and Steven Erikson, it was like Martin never existed at all in my life. Compared to giants like Malazan, ASOIAF is nothing but a little child. ;)

As for this characters I dunno, really...maybe I'll draw them some day, but in this moment it's likely not going to happen.
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I see. Well it is completely up to you. Also Malazan characters seem pretty awesome though I haven't read them yet. Keep up the good work on them. :)
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Yeah. Well, at least, thank you for reminding me about some changes on Victarion. Must fix that helmet these days. :D

Oh, they're even better in the books, trust me. ;)
Sure I will. :)
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Out of curiosity how long does it take you to draw and color a painting? And is it photoshop you use?
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Dunno, really, it's all depends on number of elements in illo, composition, details, interior, exterior, perspective, current mood...but something like Victarion could be finished in a couple of days, more or less...always like for work to sleep over, to see after day or two if there's anything more that I need to add or remove...

No, it's all CorelDRAW.

Btw, I've changed that helmet on Victarion. ;)
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Thank you for taking the time to reply to me.

Victarion's helm looks great now. I remember from the books that it is shaped like a kraken with its arms meeting at the chin so this is pretty accurate.
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No prob. ;)

Tnx, glad you think so. Gotta stick to the book description. :)
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Of all the characters in the books that weren't put in the show, this is the I wish the most was.
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Dunno, I'm not watching the show last couple of seasons.
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Holy Smokes this is so cool man!
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Why thank you very much! :)
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Awesome pic! I like how Victarion's cape and the shadows under the water look like a Kraken's tentacles. 
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Tnx, mate, glad you like it! :D
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I just featured you here…, but I just saw your disclaimer so feel free to tell me to take it down if you're not cool with it!
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It's cool, I just want that people ask me for permission before they do anything with my works, but, since you've let me know - no problem. ;)
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I may hate the Greyjoys but Victarion is such a badass i cant hate him
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This is badass, right here! Excellent depiction!
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Thank you so much! :D
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