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Toc Anaster


Mortal Sword of the Grey Swords


I have seen the face of sorrow
She looks away in the distance
Across all these bridges
From whence I came
And those spans, trussed and arched
Hold up our lives as we go back again
To how we thought then
To how we thought we thought then
I have seen sorrow’s face,
But she is ever turned away
And her words leave me blind
Her eyes make me mute
I do not understand what she says to me
I do not know if to obey
Or attempt a flood of tears
I have seen her face
She does not speak
She does not weep
She does not know me
For I am but a stone fitted in place
On the bridge where she walks

– Lay of the Bridgeburners , Toc the Younger

Reaper’s Gale / Steven Erikson



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EgweneMalazanEmpire's avatar
Another great Malazan art work, Dejan. Already grabbed it for the Wiki :)

How far are you now in the series? There are one or two scenes in the later books which I am very much hoping might make your fingers itch to depict them.
dejan-delic's avatar

Thank you very much, Egwene! And tnx for Wiki post, as well. :)

I’ve started with “Dust of Dreams” few days ago, almost finishing first book of it. I had to make some pause after “Toll the Hounds”, that was so mind-blowing for me.

And, sure, I would like to hear your suggestions. ;)

EgweneMalazanEmpire's avatar
Let me know when you have finished DoD and I'll tell you ;)
dejan-delic's avatar
It's a deal. Though, it may take awhile, but I'll surely let you know when I finish it. :)
147CombatMedic's avatar
Awesome character!  :nod:
neonoi's avatar
huh, I never noticed that he was described as beautiful - it was probably relating to Anaster, right? I need to read those books again :D
Great work as always :)
dejan-delic's avatar
Yes, it's related to Anaster, because in "Memories of Ice" Toc's soul inhabit the empty body of Anaster. :)

Description follows:
"A pale, gangly youth with yellow-stained eyes and lank, black hair, leading the vast army from atop his draught horse. His face was a thing of inhuman beauty, as if no soul resided behind the perfect mask...The white of the First’s eyes was the colour of honey, his pupils a murky, slate grey. Torchlight illuminated his alabaster-hued face, made his full lips strangely red."

Many tnx! :)
I love Toc! Thank you for sharing!
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AndrewDent's avatar
Looks like my kind of woman ;)
dejan-delic's avatar
Well, actually it's a male, but described as unnaturally beautiful. ;) Unless you thought about women in song that goes along with illustration?
AndrewDent's avatar
Maybe a bit of both :XD: Sorry... ^^;

Awesome picture though, either way ;p
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