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"The Tiste Andii spread his arms wide, then rose upward. Kurald Galain sorcery swirled around him, blending his clothing, his massive sword, drawing all inward to the shape he now climbed toward. The veering was smooth, eloquent, as jet-black wings unfolded from his shoulders. Flesh and bone surged in size, changed in shape.
As he flew higher, eyes fixed on the stars, Anomander Rake became a black dragon, silver-maned and dwarfing even Silanah. His eyes gleamed silver, the vertical slits of the pupils dilating. His breath gusted in heavy grunts, the snap of his wings loud amid the deep groan of muscle on bone."   Gardens Of The Moon / Steven Erikson

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Holy Christ, this is amazing. o.o
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Tnx a lot, glad you like it! :)
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Thank you for being so amazing!
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feels like an elf-dragon. I love it :)
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Gorgeous work! Love it.
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Thank you very much! :)
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:dance: :clap: :headbang:
rečima ne mogu da se tačno izrazim, sva sreća pa imamo smile-ije :D
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:faint: :blush: Sreća, jer ni ja ne znam šta bih odgovorio. :D
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This is really interesting and different! Love the somewhat abstract style. :)
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Tnx a lot! Glad you like it! :)
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Wow, this is amazing o_o I love the little summary you put of Anomander Rake becoming the dragon so that it gives viewers the idea of the process of becoming such an amazing beast. I'll admit, it took me a moment to find the head XD The silver mane is a really nice touch.
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Why thank you, glad you like it! :) Yes, I thought it would be nice to put that soletaken process, since Anomander is one of my favorite character from Malazan. ;) And, for the people that have not read Malazan yet. ;)
There is a head, in all that blackness... :D
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Yeah I saw it when I zoomed in on the picture XD Very nice snout, and I really liked all that silver mane around it.
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