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Silchas Ruin

By dejan-delic
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Tiste Andii / White Crow / Betrayer

'More than any of us – more even than Anomandaris,’ she said, her eyes suddenly veiled, 'Silchas Ruin thinks… draconean. As cold, as calculating, as timeless. Abyss below, Sukul Ankhadu, you have no idea…'

Reaper’s Gale / Steven Erikson


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This is amazing!!! 
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you have a remarkable style!
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Tnx a lot, glad you like it! :)
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Ruin was one of the more difficult characters for me to visualize, but as soon as I saw this,  knew it was spot-on. If I haven't said it before, I like the way your character art has evolved into something more "broad bush" (pun not intended and the art looks her and more immediate for it. Thanks again for sharing, Dejan! 
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Tnx a lot Don! It's always nice to hear comment like this.
True, Ruin was difficult character to draw, especially because the fact that he's albino Tiste Andii. So, no usual black skin for him, but you must be careful that it doesn't turn into a Tiste Liosan. Madness. :)
Not at all, it's my pleasure.
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Actually,being an Albino and all,he was confused for an Edur at some point in the books, I think. That time he kind of rescued Kettle?
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Can't quite remember. Could be in that scene from "Reaper's Gale" when he rescued Kettle & Udinaas from some Tiste Edur hunters? They were quite surprised  by his presence, and soon very much dead. :)

Though, I was talking about making a color of his skin. He's so close to the Tiste Liosan description. If it's not that golden touch in Liosan's hair, it would be very difficult. ;)
the-DRAGON-of-HeLL's avatar
Yes,I understood your initial meaning,but I still remembered that someone actually confused  him for something other than Andii :D Should probably look out for that when i re-read the books. Nice job as always.Maybe give his draconic form a vision?
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Yes, draconic Silchas is on the list. ;)
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Thank you very much! :)
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Cool. No idea who this is, but I like the look of him.
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Tnx, glad you like it! :) It's a character from a "Malazan Book of the Fallen" saga, written by Steven Erikson. ;)
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Huh... I googled it, and I apparently have the first book. Just never actually read it.

Well, I'll have to read it now. My curiosity has been roused. XD
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You should. It's definitely best in genre. And "Gardens of the Moon" is such a beautiful way to start with entire madness. ;)
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Nice to hear that. Tnx! :)
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You just keep getting better and better. 
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If you say so. Tnx! :) :ahoy:
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For a moment there, I was quite certain you had drawn Mumm-ra from "Thundercats". 
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Dunno who that is. Must google it.
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Many tnx, mate! :)
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