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Ruthan Gudd


“Quick Ben caught sight of Ruthan Gudd and he grunted. I’ll be damned. A Maelbit Nerruse-whore-spawn Stormrider. Who knew?
But what was he doing out front like that? After a moment, the High Mage swore under his breath. You want ’em to take you first. You want to draw them to you. You’re giving the Bonehunters a dozen heartbeats to realize what they have to deal with. Captain Ruthan Gudd, or whoever you are… gods, what can I possibly say? Go well, Captain.
Go well.”

Dust of Dreams / Steven Erikson

Ruthan “Stormrider” Gudd is personally dedicated to :iconegwenemalazanempire: :)

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really awesome style... sleek and sharp... this is the kind of art you should see here on DA... LIKE!!!
dejan-delic's avatar
Tnx a lot! Glad to hear that! :)
EgweneMalazanEmpire's avatar
Thank you, Dejan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything I had hoped for and more :) I especially like the Nahruk on the right - looking straight back at me!

I love it, the way you always find interesting angles - I just never thought of this perspective.

Looking forward to your take on Forge of Darkness :)

Thank you for giving us such amazing Malazan images!!!
dejan-delic's avatar
Not at all, Egwene. It was my very pleasure. ;)
I'm glad I've fulfilled the expectations. True, I wanted to give it another look of the scene, with Ruthan in front and a bit of Nahruk appearance.
I can't wait too! :) I'll take a short pause after The Crippled God (it was a truly emotional/epic/mind blowing journey), and then I'll enter in the world of Kharkanas. :)
dtyler99's avatar
Always epic, the way it should be. Fantastic work!
dejan-delic's avatar
Tnx a lot, Don man! :)
vinda9's avatar
woahhhhh. love your style ! awesome !
dejan-delic's avatar
Tnx a lot, s glad you like it! :)
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Men! We shall triumph over our enemies and- *lighning* YEOW!!
Badass and fantastic!
the-DRAGON-of-HeLL's avatar
Jesus,I've fallen behind on my reading. Your drawings are so amazing that I can't not look at them even though there might be spoilers.
dejan-delic's avatar
Tnx a lot! Well, I'm trying to avoid the spoilers as much as I can. ;)
Although, I thought you've finish the series long ago?
the-DRAGON-of-HeLL's avatar
I had to make a huge reading pause due to finishing university,finals are a bitch. I am picking up,but I have several very big spoilers for Toll the hounds and am quite sad about the turn of events ;(  Y u do dis to me Erikson? I will deffinetly finish it by the time my vacation is over. In the meantime,keep up the good work!
dejan-delic's avatar
I see. Well, no hurries with books then, everything in its time. ;)
Tool the Hound is one of my favorites books in series. Damn, that finale just utterly destroyed me. UTTERLY! :omg:
the-DRAGON-of-HeLL's avatar
I've passed half the book. The spoilers were so bad,I ran off and read Forge of Darkness instead :D I need some people to get major butt-kicking,like in the next few chapters.
dejan-delic's avatar
Let's just say that last 200 pages (more of less) of Toll the Hounds are simply unbelievable. And I do mean unbelievable. Something you can't even imagined. I know I didn't, and it blows my mind.
Thus, I'm not saying anything more. ;)

Btw, I've finished The Crippled God few days ago, and I'll take a little break of series. A weak, I guess, not more, and then I'll plunge myself into Forge of Darkness and Fall of Light. :D
the-DRAGON-of-HeLL's avatar
A week is not a break, It's recovery period XD Also the new trilogy is amazing. I love the deep view of the Tiste it gives us :P
dejan-delic's avatar
You can call it like that, yes. :D
Honestly, I can't wait to start with Kharkanas. Tiste was always my favorite race of Malazan. Though, many people said it was hard to read, but I just don't believe it. ;)
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Tnx a lot, mate! :)
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Amazing style!!!
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