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Quick Ben and Kalam

By dejan-delic

A.K.A. Ben Adaephon Delat and Kalam Mekhar. Magical killer duo. Literally.    Fear the katana!;)

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Here they are. As I like ! I love Malazansky cycle. I love your work.
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Gorgeous style and colours! Love it! Is this in Seven Cities?

I'd watch Kalam's body shape, though, and especially his face. He's always described as bearish, so think less Tyler Mane in X-Men, and more Tom Hardy in Bronson/The Dark Knight Rises :)
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Thank you very much, glad you like it! :) It’s actually Darujhistan. I’ve always imagined it in arabic/oriental style.
Dunno, Kalam is for me version of a large black man, something like human version of Predator. :)

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Oh, cool :) I've always pictured Seven Cities and the surrounding areas as arabic, and Darujhistan as more Roman, or very old London :P
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I suppose ancient Rome / London could be great too. :) Depends on imagination. ;)
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cool style and colour 
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Thank you very much! :)
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Insanely happy you found the Malazan world :D
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Tnx a lot, mate! :D :ahoy:
Yes, Malazan is a hell of discovery. Suddenly, it becomes my favorite series in genre. :nod: ;) And, I'm just on the book IV at this moment. :)
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COOL ART !!!!!!!!! XD!!!!!
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you`re welcome =3
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You've done it again! Lovely style and colours.
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Thanks, man! Appreciate it! :)
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What a cool art style you have!
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Many tnx, Brett, glad you like it! :) And, tnx for watch, truly appreciate it! :ahoy:
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Apsolutno neverovatno dobro!! :clap: Nisam citala Eriksona, ali definitivno je na listi.
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Zahvaljujem! :) Sve preporuke za Eriksona i "Malašku knjigu palih". Po meni broj 1 u žanru epske fantastike. :nod: ;)
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