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Quentyn Martell and Viserion

For all those who have read “A Dance With Dragons” by George R. R. Martin I don’t have to explain illustration, and for those who have not read it yet – well, READ IT, ‘cause it’s awesome! :D
I wanted to draw another dragon in a full view, and this epic scene just helped me to represent Viserion in a way that he deserve. ;)
About Quentyn…well, prince Quentyn Martell is the second child and eldest son of Prince Doran Martell…I would just say that he is in some very bad situation right now…and I will say no more, I swear. Poor Frog. :D

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good one :D although his parts were so boring that I almost skipped all his chapters :D and I was relieved when he burned :D he was such a disgrace for the Martells :D
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Tnx! That chapter was a true fire blast! :D
Your art style is amazing!!!!! 
Viserion : Are you snack ?
Quentyn : huho nu nu nu my name is Quentyn
Viserion : Nice to meet you snack *w* *droll*
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Raw fried snack. :onfire: :D
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This should be the cover for "A Dance with Dragons." Lovely lovely work, the size and scale of it all is very impressive
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Many tnx! That's very nice to hear! :)
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Poor Quent all he wanted was to prove himself and be worthy of his father's trust. All good characters die. :(
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Agree about good characters. As for Qunetyn, I'm afraid he didn't think enough in entire "dragons" situation. If he did, everything would be different. ;)
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Quentyn is toast. 
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Grill toast. Chief Viserion on its work. :)
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Toast indeed. :)
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he deserved what he got
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I love the way you've done the scales on Viserion.
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Thank you very much...glad you like it! :D
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Man, what the hell is it with Martell's dying brutal ways ? I mean this guy was not only roasted alive, he did not even DIE until 4 days later from the agony.
dejan-delic's avatar
Dunno. Curse might be, could be? Or GRRM just using entire royal population of Dorne for his evil plans... ;)
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Poor fool, I'm excited to see who will play all of the Martells in the show, and the Balon Greyjoy's brothers. 
dejan-delic's avatar
Poor fool indeed... ;) We'll see him, but not so soon, I'm afraid...maybe next year, if they put stories from "A Feast For Crows" & "A Dance With Dragons" together, as they said. ;)
blueeyesaf's avatar
Yeah, I'm sure they'll put AFFC and ADWD together, people would be super pissed if half the character's stories just dropped off for a year. It's going to be a huge undertaking to fit all of those characters though, and they've said they're only planning on doing seven seasons so they might even try to fit the entirety of books four and five in one season, which I think would be a disservice to the product but maybe they think not enough engaging stuff happens in the first halves of the two books. I don't know, their plan will probably become alot more clear once season four has concluded.
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Agree. Season IV should be indicator for next seasons...but still, it will be a real challenge for HBO to mix AFFC & ADWD. ;)
blueeyesaf's avatar
It will indeed, I don't know how they'll do it, or even if that's their plan, but I have faith in the writers, there are very few things that I actually care about or wanted to see left out in the show. 
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