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Moranth munitions

:onfire: Burning down the House (of Chains)! :onfire: :D

- "Malazan Book of the Fallen" / Steven Erikson -


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What an incredibly interesting technique you have. Simplicity and detail smoothly woven together. Very impressive!
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Thank you very much! :D
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I love the thumbs-up, it's just like "AW YE, EXPLOSIONS. FOR THE EMPEROR AND STUFF."
dejan-delic's avatar
Sure, something like that. :)
coMceptArt971's avatar
that boom is live! striking visual
dejan-delic's avatar
Glad you think so. It was actually idea in the first place. :)
AngelusPS4's avatar
Great. You have a unique style of drawing.
And if you like Malaz & ASOIAF, you should read Geralt De Rivia saga. There are amazing characters in those books.
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Thank you very much, man! I truly appreciate your comment and faves. :)
Yes, I've been read first two books of "The Witcher" by Andrzej Sapkowski, and I really like it...sadly, I didn't find the time for the rest of the books, but I hope I'll finish that series in the near future. :)
sohighlydubious's avatar
So lovely, another magic piece. I am sure the writers would love these.
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Tnx, man! :) Well, I hope for that. ;)
dtyler99's avatar
Another triumph, man! I absolutely love your stylized approach. This one in particular tells a great story along with great characters.
dejan-delic's avatar
Thank you so much, Don! I'm truly glad you like it! :) :ahoy:
dtyler99's avatar
That's a hint... :D (Big Grin)  Your character studies are fabulous but when you place them in context of what's going on with the story, like this image, it is very, very powerful. I love your Apsalar image, for example, but it could be even more arresting if she was depicted in a fight and/or assassination. No need to show blood; it's not about violence, it's about depicting her as she ACTS in the book and that adds s lot to the chasrcter. I know you haven't finished the series but there are several scenes even from spoiler spoiler spoiler that would say volumes about the characters if done in this manner.

Keep it up, man!

dejan-delic's avatar
Man, your comment makes me really, really honored. :nod: :D

So glad to hear that my drawing style fits very well for Malazan world. Don't worry about Apsalar, this is just my first illustration with the character. Sure, I plan her in some action composition as well, hopefully in some near future. :) There's just so many characters from the series, and I want to draw all of them! :D
And I just can't imagine what waits for me in the next six books. ;)

Once again - thanks for your support, Don, it means a lot to me! :) :ahoy:
Yay for the sappers!
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Somehow I knew you'd like it. ;)
Underrrrrstatement, good sir!
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A bit ironic, I know. ;)
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Tnx, mate...glad you like it! :)
ArtbyGloriaColom's avatar
I am not familiar with this book but the colors... THE COLORS!!! Looove everything about this image :)
dejan-delic's avatar
Thank you very much, so glad you like it! :) It's from "Malazan Book of the Fallen" by Steven Erikson, and, if you're in epic fantasy genre - then it's MUST read. ;)
dejan-delic's avatar
Many tnx, mate! :)
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