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Karsa Orlong


Teblor / Thelomen Toblakai / Knight Of High House Chains

“Urugal!” Karsa bellowed as he drove Havok into a charge. “Witness!” :D

House Of Chains / Steven Erikson

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Man I totally love the guy's character arc, initially wondered why they spent about 25% of the first part of the book they introduced him on on this single character - im now on Toll the Hounds and thinking this is one of the guys that's going to have a huge impact on some final battle - and perhaps not in a good way. I'm starting to share the witch's apprehension haha
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Sure, Karsa is great! Not going to spoil you anything, but Toll the Hounds has mind-blowing last 200 pages. You just wouldn't believe what is happening.
First, let me say Thank You. I'm an old man, & I've been reading these books over & over since Gardens came out in '99. Discovering your work was a revelation. Despite the fact that you made different choices than I would have occasionally, they were just that--choices. And I certainly respect your vision. Your style is so consistent, your language so eloquent, I really, really appreciate all of the time and effort that this labor of love must have taken. (Further, I hope Erikson has seen it & reached out to praise you.) So, kudos & respect all around. Seriously.

Despite that, I have two questions. NOT criticisms, just curious...

(1) Why did you choose to do Karsa without the facial tattoos? In my head, that's his most prominent feature.

(2) After taking the time and effort to do so many minor characters, or at least not Major characters (e.g. Togg & Fanderay; Pelk; Hunn Raal), why no Shadowthrone & Cotillion? 
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Not at all, man! Thank YOU for this beautiful comment! Always a
pleasure to meet another Malazan fan, and judging by your comment
you certainly are a one. :)
Yes, I've met Steve last year on ComicOn Festival in Belgrade, Serbia. On that
occasion I gave him all of my Malazan prints, and he was most pleasantly surprised
with it, though I think he wasn't expected something like that. So, that would be it. :)

Sure, no prob. Let's see. :)

1) OK, on this one Karsa is without the facial tattoos because this is the scene of the very
beginning of his journey, and he didn't had it yet. You can see he still have his bloodwood
sword, and he's riding first, original black Havoc, which his father gave him.
Btw, here's one with Karsa's tattoos: Karsa and Felisin Younger

2) Well, that's the funny thing actually...I've always like to give a life to small, background character,
because they're more harder to illustrate, and IMO they all have important stories and roles. Sure, I'm
planning to draw Shadowthrone and Cotillion too, hope in some near future...It's just, Malazan is so
huge, so it takes time to pick up some character and to do it. ;)
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Witness .. the badass of badasses
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Lead usWarleader!
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Karsa Orlong, bold with his claims, brazen in his arrogance, uttered but five words in reply:

"I will kill you…once."

My favorite Karsa scene

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This is from "The Crippled God", right?
I'm afraid that I've read just first four books (for now, ofc :) ), but I totally love that sentence. Karsa is one in a million. "Witness!" :)
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It's earlier in the series than book 10, but I think around book 7 or 8.  I don't want to spoiler, but he gets more badass!
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I see. Only thing I can expect from Karsa is to be more badass. :)
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Wonderful style!
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Tnx a lot, mate! Glad you like it! :)
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Wellcome, absolutely!
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Looks great!! Your pictures are brilliant! You should read the Prince of Nothing series! The first book is what i would call a slow opening to the best fantasy series ever. The characters and nations are very exotic so it would fit your style perfectly!
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Tnx a lot, so glad you like it! :) Honestly, I'm just finished 4th book of Malazan, and there's 6 more to go...soo, it will take a while before I start with something else. ;) Thanks for recommendation, I'll check these books. :)
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