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Estideein eleint


    Five dragons banked in perfect formation, their heads dipping to watch him as they glided back in his direction. 'Estideein eleint,' he whispered, in his Jaghut tongue. Four were black, barbed in silver along the wings and flying two to either side of the fifth dragon, this one red and twice as large as the others. 'Silanah red-wings,' Raest muttered, eyes narrowing. 'Elder-born and true-blooded Tiam, you lead Soletaken, whose blood is alien to this world. I feel you all!' He raised fists to the sky. 'Colder than the ice born of Jaghut hands, as dark as blindness- I feel you!'

Gardens Of The Moon / Steven Erikson


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Thats awesome scene. And Raest was totally badass.
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True. Epicness all over it.
amazing as usual
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Tnx, mate! Appreciate it! :) :ahoy:
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Waaaah! Clap :happybounce: This is so wonderful. The dragons, the jaghut! 
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Tnx a lot! So glad you like it! :)
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incredible use of vectors!
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Thank you very much! :)
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Tnx a lot, mate! Appreciate it! :)
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I have officially became your stalker. Siriously,your style,I love it.Also,I love dragons. Now that I think about it,I'd love to see a Jaghut picture from you,I am curious to see how you'd breathe life into it. This was a very interesting moment,hinting to the power the Jaghut wield,and how they can best a pureblood Elein in combat.
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Alright. Stalker. :D
As for the Jaghut, in this very illustration I'd to draw it from behind. I stayed without his front appearance, but instead we have Silanah in full. I'm definitely planning some Jaghut in the future definitely, so don't worry about it. :)
Yes, the combat scene is brutally good.
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Silanah is very beautiful here.And the Soletaken Andii are nicely added,they seem to just make Silanah stand out even more. I love how Erikson uses actual dragons instead of wyverns,or wyrms or random lizards.HBO's Game of thrones
annoys me so much because they use wyverns instead of dragons,and then there was Smaug,to whom they were obviously too lazy to CGI another pair of legs.
dejan-delic's avatar

To be honest, I wanted to make some difference between Soletaken dragons and the pure-blood Eleint. You know, for pure-blood Silanah to be a bit more badass in appearance than others. And, I’ve been lucky with colors and composition, cause that huge red goes excellent in between black forms.

Dunno, GOT dragons seems great to me, except one thing, which is lack of all four legs. I know that Martin imagined his dragons as two legs creatures, but to me dragon is not a pure dragon if he doesn’t have all four legs. Those with just two are like some kind of crippled things to me, while dragging its wings on the ground, like they are beaten or something. And, agree about Smaug – big, big disappointment of animation.

Yes, Erikson’s dragons are way too better than any I’ve read about. And, I like Steven’s opinion of dragons, which he gave in one interview.
Quoting: "Here's a secret truth -- I don't like fantasies all about dragons. Never did. Or, more precisely, I don't much like what's been done to them to date. They're not horses, dammit! And I'm not a fan of the AD&D version, either. I never bought breathing fire or any other technically absurd ability. It strikes me (and maybe not with any claim to originality either) that a dragon can only exist via the essence of magic. That's how they fly. That's how they attack. And, by extension, that's how they think and see the world. Thus far, we've been on the edge. They're always busy doing their own stuff. At the same time, they will become much more relevant later in the series. Hopefully in an original way."

Man just nailed it.

the-DRAGON-of-HeLL's avatar
It all turned out amazing! Keep up the good work ^.^
I completely agree with him.They have always been otherworldly,with magic running through their veins rather than blood. To me,these creatures have always been a symbol of something beyond our understanding,majestic,powerful,intelligent sometimes powerhungry.
I am sorry for constantly spamming on your art,it's just that my friends don't read or don't want to start a new series so I don't really have someone to hype with
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Not at all. You're totally free to comment whenever you want. ;)
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Gorgeous. Love the red tones in contratst to the black dragons and Raest, and how the blood draws them together.
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Many tnx, mate! Glad you like it! :)
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Good linework!
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Thank you very much! :)
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The style of this piece is so strong, colors, lines, shapes, composition, it's all working so well together!  Amazing work!
dejan-delic's avatar
Thank you so much, glad you think so! :)
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