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Eddard Stark

Lord of Winterfell / Warden of the North / Hand of the King
Aka "Ned". ;)
A major character from the first book (and first season of GOT). I still miss this Quiet Wolf.

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Once more, I'll say it, you're one of the best ASOIAF artists on the Web. Love the style, it isn't generic, it's distinctive. It somewhat reminds me of Samurai Jack in the execution. :) Your gallery is awesome!
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Many tnx, my friend! Much appreciated! :D :ahoy:
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Tnx a lot, Rafael! And tnx for faves & watch as well, truly appreciate it! :) :ahoy:
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Ned definitely was an honorable and respectable man.  

It was a pity he would be one of the first to fall in the "game of thrones", as men with honor do not last long there. 
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Yeap, he should know better. ;)
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At least his family and the people who served with him all loved him. 
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I really love that the shading on Ice invokes the rippled patterns that the books describe as a characteristic of Valyrian steel - you have great attention to detail.
Oh yeah, and I love everything else about this too. Your style is really unique and your works are inspiring!
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Why thank you very much for your kind words & beautiful comment! :) And for the watch too. Truly appreciate it! :)
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The people with the most honour live the shortest in Westeros.
He was too honest to be a long-lived Hand, sadly.
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Yes...unfortunately, honor in Westeros means nothing. :roll: ;)
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Hah, yes, that's true. :P
Everyone wants to be king, and winter comes and the white walkers kill everybody.
The End.

Eddard Stark: "I told ya that winter was coming!" *smug grin*
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In the end - he was right! ;)
Asrath's avatar
Haha, yes! If only they would listen...
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I felt personally wounded when they melted Ice to make some stupid Lannister swords (okay, i actually like Oathkeeper, but that doesn't matter right now) out of it. This actually shocked me more than seeing Ned's head on a stick - cause, well, spearing Ned was against Ned and his close relatives and idk, but melting Ice is like destroying the whole history of the Stark family! Thanks to your beautiful tribute i'm angry again... ;)
dejan-delic's avatar
Yes, that thing with melting Ice was completely unnecessary, seems like old lad George hates Stark family to the bone...hope that will change in the next two books. ;)
Tnx, glad you like it! :D
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This whole series is bloody amazing!
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Thank you very much, glad you like it! :D
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I love how you made the heart tree look somewhat ethereal with his shadow more substantive...maybe just the way I'm seeing it, but I love it.  Ned was my favorite when I first read Game of Thrones way back when.
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Thanks, glad you like it! :D Ned is one of my favorite characters from first book too. ;)
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I'm in love with your asoif work! original and edgy super stuff! x
dejan-delic's avatar
Thank you very much, glad you like it! :D
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