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August 11, 2012
Daenerys Targaryen is by ~dejan-delic.
Featured by DomiSM
Suggested by Maay
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Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Stormborn / Mother of Dragons / Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea

Aka as Dany. ;)

This illustration is dedicated to “zhey qoy qoy”, lady Marija & lady Tijana, those that have forced me to draw Dany. I didn't want to make her so soon, but promise is promise, and here it is. :D
Of course, nothing without her children: Drogon (in front), Viserion and Rhaegal (in the background).
And, don’t forget to say: “Dracarys”. :onfire: :D

This is my third Daily Deviation, and I just want to thank you all boys and girls for your feedbacks, comments, faves and watchers. :love: :heart:
MANY THANKS to lady :iconmaay: (for suggestion), and lady :icondomism: (for featured). ;)
I am truly very, very grateful to everyone! :love: :D

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Awesome Daeneris and dragon

JS2080's avatar
FeydRautha81's avatar
dejan-delic's avatar
Many tnx, mate! :D :ahoy:
Lost-in-Equestria's avatar
I think this person is going through all the people who faved it and is posting bs.   
Don't let it get to you OP, you're wonderful. 
dejan-delic's avatar
Oh, I'm totally cool with situation, trust me. Though I really don't understand such an act, but what could I do? The world is full of lunatics, and that poor creature is no exception.
Tnx! :)
Foxy-Trash's avatar
this person is still claiming its theirs ;;…
dejan-delic's avatar
Just ignore the bastard, as I do.
xGumiMochax's avatar <- this person has stolen your work, claiming that you stole their work even though they only joined like... Today...
dejan-delic's avatar
Thank you for letting me know. Dunno what to say about it...guess it's the best to just ignore this pathetic creature.
xGumiMochax's avatar
You're welcome, I think it might be someone I had dealt with previously as I've seen this behavior previously 
dejan-delic's avatar
Yes, I think it's a probably the same idiot who's harassing me for a year now (and some other deviants too). Creature creates a tons of different profiles and constantly spamming my page with some stupid comments and threats...worst thing is that dA service couldn't do a thing about it.
xGumiMochax's avatar
:/ the last time I reported someone like this they told me they'd banned em but obviously dA's become far to lax in its rules and "policing"
dejan-delic's avatar
I know that story. They shut down one of his profiles after some time, but this douchebag don't mind to open a hundreds of new profiles, and keep spamming all over dA. When I ask dA service to shut him down permanently with IP address they told me that's not the way they doing.
xGumiMochax's avatar
ugh dA is so wrong
dejan-delic's avatar
Tell me about it. Guess we have to deal it in our own way, and IMO the best way is to ignore the bastard.
Btw, truly appreciate your journal about all this thing. And, thank you very much for watch! :)
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I must say, if you did the art for a game of some sort (card game or video game) I would buy it.

Good job!
dejan-delic's avatar
Pleased to hear it, mate! Tnx a lot! :)
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she is beautiful.
dejan-delic's avatar
shokxone-studios's avatar
This kind of makes me think of a Rankin/Bass animated movie, particularly Drogon's design.
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