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"Coltaine rattles slow
across the burning land.
The wind howls through the bones
of his hate-ridden command.
Coltaine leads a chain of dogs
ever snapping at his hand.

Coltaine's fist bleeds the journey home
along rivers of red-soaked sand.
His train howls through his bones
in spiteful reprimand.
Coltaine leads a chain of dogs
ever snapping at his hand.

―A marching song of the Bonehunters, "
Deadhouse Gates" / Steven Erickson

Coltaine's march is one of the very best military campaign I've ever read. :omg: :jawdrop: :salute:

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Your gallery is super impressive with breath taking works throughout!!!!
dejan-delic's avatar
Tnx a lot, man! So glad to hear that! :D :ahoy:
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Yep that's Coltain! If was gonna hire someone to lead a small disciplined army through a desert, with violent tribal horsemen at my heels, ascendants and un-dead folks running around, guarding a trail of refugees and surrounded by rebelious cities with blood thirsty vengeful citizens - it'd be this guy! - or Anomander Rake . ] - Actually, yea...Rake . ]
dejan-delic's avatar
Yea, Rake is definitely better choice in this matter. :D
But, if Son of Darkness is not around, you gotta call the crazy Wickans.
Joke on the side, Coltaine and his army was totally amazing. ;)
Serenit-Y's avatar
Absolutely! Reminds me of The Long March: Xenophon and the Ten Thousand:  You get tired just reading the darn thing, almost want to skip a few pages so the marathon can be over the sooner!
dejan-delic's avatar
Haven't read that, but I understand what you want to say. ;)
"Deadhouse Gates" was a long, dirty, bloody, miserable and martyred
book all the way...though I've enjoy that ride, must admit. :D
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Fantastično. Svaka čast.
Joel-Bisaillon's avatar
OH Wow! Please keep doing what you do. This is wonderful.
dejan-delic's avatar
OK, I will. :)
Tnx for the support. :ahoy:
dejan-delic's avatar
:beer: :ahoy: Kad uhvatiš vremena, iskreno ti preporučujem da probaš Eriksona i "Malašku knjigu palih". Stepen (i po koji više) iznad Martina. Bar po mom mišljenju. ;)
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Vazii :) hvala, samo da nadjem nas PDF, pa da je iskopiram.. trenutno sam zaglavio na Den Browna, nemam kad ni njega od ispita da zavrsim, ali ti ilustracija svakako budi zelju za citanjem!! Zivio prijatelju! ^^
dejan-delic's avatar
Razume se, sve u svoje vreme. ;)
the-DRAGON-of-HeLL's avatar
Oh my i'm gonna get feels :( You portrayed him in a great way!
dejan-delic's avatar
Many, many tnx! So glad you like it! :)
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Wonderful work on details :)
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Many, many tnx! :)
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You're welcome :D !
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Vivid stuff! Love your crows. Chain of Dogs rules!
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