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The Ultimate Pokemon Dating Quiz

:heart: :pokeball:  The Ultimate Pokémon Dating Quiz  :pokeball: :heart:

Hello everybody and Happy Valentine! :iconpinkballoonplz:

This is a Pokémon love quiz me and Scribblin made with the main characters of the anime. 
Professor Sycamore will ask you a series of questions to see who will be your ultimate match!

There are 14 possible results per gender, it was hard to decide who was going to make the final cut but we hope most of you will be happy with the ones who made it.

Let me know who you got as a result, I'd love to know it! :aww:


:lightbulb: Extra notes::lightbulb:

-  We be both did a lot of effort looking in wiki's to get to know all the characters but ofcourse some answers are made up to fit their character in our eyes,
    so don't be too upset if you aren't getting who you want. ^^;

- English isn't my native language so let me know if you find typo's!

- If you have any questions about the quiz don't be afraid to ask me.

- We might also make more quizzes like this from other famous franchises, tell us your ideas and we might do it!

- This quiz won't work on mobile!

Thanks Noble & MunchingOrange for the feature on your channels!! :bow:……

The Ultimate Adventure Time Love Quiz:



:icondejakob: DeJakob for the layout, questions/answers. :bow:

:iconscribblin: Scribblin for the beautiful art, questions/answers. :clap:

:iconmrflopsie: MrFlopsie for making the whole thing work! :clap:

All music, characters and sprites belong to Nintendo.

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TheDigiman's avatar

I should mention after December 31, 2021, you might or might not be able to play this, Flash is going down :(

KafelH2625's avatar

Got Nando. I suppose I'm alright as long as he cuts his hair a tiny bit. Looks like my hair. Unending.

ColorPixie's avatar
I got Jessie and James...... iconic.
kitameguire's avatar
I did both because I'm bi. For the boy side, I got Gary and for the girls side, I got Jessie!
aspiewonder's avatar
Can you add an option for us bi peeps? [F2U] Biromantic/Bisexual Flag Emoticon [Animated] 
Genie135's avatar
Looks like I'm stuck with Team Rocket
lpspoochyena12's avatar
Whaaaaaaaaaa??! Whoa!! Ok so I took this quiz again because... well, I can't help it lol, and I actually got James! Wasn't expecting it at all but I mean, he is my favourite character so OwO (I ship him with Jessie though lol)
Genie135's avatar
I got Team Rocket. Totally unexpected.
lpspoochyena12's avatar
I wish there was an update with sun and moon characters-
TeamRocketRockin's avatar
"Question 15: What's your dream?"

(Seriously, though,  got Jessie four times now, but very few of my answers match her. I think this is rigged.)
That1BritishFox's avatar
I got Gary, I'm really happy about that actually i've always had a crush on him, but truthfully, my attitude changes depending who i'm with xdd
Zarseem's avatar
something is wrong here, i said i hate thiefs and Jesse just appeared¡¡¡¡
lilith102's avatar
i got ash........why
robbie-patterson's avatar
Rilefelt's avatar
I've deduced that Tracy and "Stephan" must be here somewhere. But I've never been able to force their results, despite finding every other male character's...
ilovemew399's avatar
I Got Ash
lionking1995's avatar
how i takd quizzz on xbox one ?
HarmonyTRE's avatar
I got James! I'm so happy! :D :love: And I played the girl one to see who I would be and I'm Bianca.
LocalPeaches's avatar
OMG! I GOT JAMES! :squee: You should have seen how red my face was when I saw that I got him as my boyfriend:love:. Such a great game! 
TeamRocketOtaku's avatar
ME TOO OMG then I got Jess as my girl {I got Butch the third time but oh well}
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