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Grave Knight

By DeivCalviz
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So I've been playing too much Dark Souls PTDE... I haven't even finished it... but at least I got to make this dark souls inspired knight.. He's supposed to be a high level dual wielding undead knight that's guarding an important area or some sort... :D

Just for clarification, this isn't fan art!

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shit I would love to have that type of armor
DeivCalviz's avatar
Glad you liked it :) Thanks
xXMagicKnightXx's avatar
Oh my god... that's amazing,i love it Love 
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I was just thinking this looked like something from Dark Souls, and then I read the description. Very well done piece!
Klshln's avatar
Gives the vibe of the cursed swords Akamanah :)
DeivCalviz's avatar
Thanks! First time I heard of that. Looks great
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Dis pik r seksi thx m8 i'll st3l that nao, whiddur persimions a'kurse.
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Hey I really like the piece and I used it here… sorry I didn't wait for permision I wasn't thinking when I posted it. In any case you are credited but if you want it taken down I completely understand.
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I rage quit on Dark Souls... Was I supposed to go up or down first? I went up :C
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That is so cool!
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I'm sorry to have to inform you that someone has taken this, and uploaded it to their gallery as their own creation: Astaroth DarkRose
DeivCalviz's avatar
Thanks for the tip! I'll just report the account.
IdunaHayaPhotography's avatar
NP. I hope the staff acts soon, this deviant is pretty insistent that she made all of it, while it's pretty obvious she didn't. 
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Just thought without reading the notes that this could be a very badass dark souls BOSS!! Very dark and powerful! The armor is pretty cool and when you look behind the shoulderpats it looks like there is some kind of dark magic that follows him! Amazing work!
DeivCalviz's avatar
Thanks! Glad you liked it! I really want to see a character like this animated. :D
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If god was a ninja in medieval Europe...
hellou4's avatar
too cool for my eyes... O.O
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Kickass armor!! :wow:
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Hello good sir. I have been looking for a cover for my original Creepypasta story The Grave Knight. I actually came across this not too long ago and had forgotten all about it. I was wondering and if you refuse, I understand. May I use your picture for the cover of my story?
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Wow! absolutely impressive is muy Grand Knight I like Clap Clap 
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This is brilliant.  Well done.
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