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Dragon Watchers

By DeivCalviz
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I really pushed myself to make this new piece. It's a rare chance for me to be able to make something personal in this level of detail. Took 32+ hrs. This was a mixture of 3D, photobashing and a lot of painting.

Larger image, PSD, PDF tips, source files, process and if you want to support my career.  Tutorial of this image here:

Thanks to everyone for the support! <3 Here's a trailer of the process of my dragon watcher's image.…

I did an interview about this piece! :  lovelessdevotions.deviantart.c…

PS:Thanks to John Park, Level Up people, Bryan Sola, and most of all Gizelle Baluso for helping me polish this work!

Thanks a lot! #gumroad #tutorial #howto 
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This is really awesome! Sometimes I see detailed and fantastic works like these and I'm just mindblown at the level of detail, composition, and aesthetic. it kind of discourages me, as I don't think I'll ever reach this kind of skill. Great job, keep it up!


Probably my favorite work. From anyone.

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Epic! And an old Daily Deviation on top of it...
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Thanks! Glad you like it! My most epic work lol
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Yeah - some pieces are hard to top!
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I bought all you offered on GumRoad a long time ago and am going to see what I've missed that you offer through ArtStation and what you have on YouTube. I already subscribed to  you there too.... This is my desk top because the print came with the purchase and it is seriously the icon of all icons to me in art. You and this work are a master and masterpiece!!! Thank you so much for your gift to us all through this work and your incredible talents/skills.
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Hi, Thanks a lot for the support!

Sorry for the late reply because I did not have a computer for the past 3 months! I recently moved to Sweden from the Philippines and life has been very different but nice!

Anyway, I'm glad you like my stuff! I hope you learn a lot! Feel free to message me if you need help.

Hopefully, I can start posting new art again now that I have my computer. :)

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Omg, how did you survive without a computer!!!! Yikes and I totally get where you are coming from. I moved from the U.S. to Germany, so yea, huge changes! Well, lol, now we are closer to each other, lmao!!!! I bet winter is Amazing there. I also heard how expensive it is there... oh boy! I wish you the best and look forward to more great works from you. Thank you for inspiring us all. :heart:
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lol yeah It was super hard not having a computer. Good thing I have an ipad at least to watch netflix haha.

Winter is just ok here. I was hoping for more snow but it actually rarely snows. I also agree it is expensive here! I don't think being a freelancer is feasible here so I am still looking for a day job right now. So far life has been great here despite all those. I think it's great you moved to Germany considering all the chaos happening in the US right now lol.. I wanna tour around Europe someday when I'm more stable. XD

Anyway, thanks a lot for the support! :D
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Yea, I was expecting so much snow, like in the story books and nope... maybe 1 or 2 times in January, and just a bit... what I wasn't expecting is that they don't use A.C.s here in Europe and man, it gets hot in the summers... blech! Yikes, a day job... nooooo... have you done Patreon? I really wish you the best and keep on inspiring us all. (oh, btw, you're an artist... not one expects us artists to be stable, lmao) Indeed though, travel Europe, it's beautiful here. There is chaos here too, anger, hatred for immigrants.. Poland is having even more problems... and don't get me started on that orange retard Spanky... Can't stand him! XD!!!  :heart:
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Late reply again lol.. but yeah.. I was surprised about having no A.Cs as well! I gotta get a fan soon at least. Thanks for reminding me!

I've never done a Patreon but I'm thinking about it! For now, I'm happy with just selling Gumroads.

I hope the chaos from other countries don't reach here! I've had enough of chaos in the Philippines. It's like medieval or wild west there sometimes because of the crime. haha XD
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Maybe the best digital painting on Deviant Art!
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Late reply from me but thanks a lot!
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I agree! He offers lot's of studies and tutorials with this work too.... :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Ohhhhhhh thank you so much!!! Yesh, isn't that work like the ultimate, ultimate work???? I have it as my desktop... :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Astonishing! This is absolutely EPIC!
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Thanks! Glad you like it! :)
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You're welcome;) You should check out my dragon collections in my favorite folders 😉
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I bought the high res version with the tutorial. I'm not very creative with photoshop but I appreciated the work done as the videos show how much effort was involved. :happybounce: 
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