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July 8, 2012
Diablo 3 - Monk by ~DeivCalviz
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Diablo 3 - Monk - Hand of Ytar

Finally! After sooo long, here are some fresh stuff!

I actually started these for a small contest by Blizzard Entertainment for Diablo 3 but I wasn't able to finish them and only entered two. Then I realized the potential in doing high quality D3 fanart for publicity. Not only was it for good press but would also serve as a good practice for me. Then, eventually, it turned into this 3 month beast of a personal project. I actually started mid-April and finished just two days ago working on these on and off after my day-job.

My art direction was like this because I wanted a glamour/fashion/action type of full body portraits. I wanted to stay close to the original designs while giving it a little twist. Also, since Diablo 3 is a top-down type of game, seeing action and skills up close would be very interesting for the target audience. Although it was very fun to do, I actually got burnt out just because it took soo long to finish. (blame my busy day-job haha) Still, I got what I wanted and learned a ton about composition, posing, anatomy, lighting, armor designs, and most importantly, about being PATIENT and STICKING to your plan to the end.

ALSO, I have video processes of these here:…

Other illustrations of the set are here:




Demon Hunter

Witch Doctor


Just curious, what's your favorite?
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papillonstudio's avatar
Looks awesome man! love the color mood and character composition :iconthumbplz:
JullezArt's avatar
Great Illustration
ClericZA's avatar
On behalf of YouTube channel "Cleric Gaming" I'd like to ask permission to use this image as a custom thumbnail to the following video:
DeivCalviz's avatar
feel free dude :D
PurrfectionSewing's avatar
My son in law and I would love to make his Diablo 3 Monk cosplay based off your artwork.  We both love the detail you gave to the armor as well as the color palette you used.  He's hoping to wear it to BlizzCon 2014  in a few weeks.  We'll send you pictures if we manage to get it done in time and we'll credit your art as the inspiration for his costume.  Beautiful work!
DeivCalviz's avatar
Feel free! I'd love to see the pictures :)
DarianGrude's avatar
A masterpice! That's what this is...nice final touch with the DC on the "waist sash" ;)
Totemos's avatar
I saw the creation video on youtube like 10 times, even if it's really long lol. I love so much the way youre drawing/painting. awesome job man
ShinaRyun's avatar
Let no man tell you that you cannot draw; the details on this, the flow of his aura and the spread of his robes...beautiful.

And, since you're curious, the Monk is my favorite, because his survivability is greater than my Wizard (sad but true).
Awsome !!! Nice work
Sicklessone's avatar
EVIL IS BACK! Beautiful :)
Nabikchan's avatar
These are absolutely amazing. I'd love to see the opposite gender of each of these from you as well.

Congratulations on the Daily Deviation on this piece, well deserved.
Tanksenior's avatar
Really good! Very impressed by the attention to detail..
RaymondMinnaar's avatar
this is bloody well done keep up the awesome work man kepp it up keep it up
Is there any way to get a full res version of these. They are simply amazing and would be awesome to print out to put on display at my desk.
Dragoness88's avatar
wow this is really awesome, could you eventually do the girl monk too?
What's up with the nails in the cultist's boot?
DeivCalviz's avatar
its actually from the original concept art of blizzard.. i guess it's what they do to stay awake or something... im not so sure myself but i wanted to stay true to their design.. except for the monk's armor XD
AesirMaster's avatar
Who/what are you?!

Ally to Good! Nightmare to You!
littlegoblet's avatar
wow those cultist looked awesome. How cool would it be if diablo game play was like this lol :drool:
DeivCalviz's avatar
Yeah, It would've been totally cool if you can go that close but yeah XD
Yuri-Nikko's avatar
Wonderful piece!
MiCkIart14's avatar
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