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Diablo 3 - Demon Hunter

Finally! After sooo long, here are some fresh stuff!

I actually started these for a small contest by Blizzard Entertainment for Diablo 3 but I wasn't able to finish them and only entered two. Then I realized the potential in doing high quality D3 fanart for publicity. Not only was it for good press but would also serve as a good practice for me. Then, eventually, it turned into this 3 month beast of a personal project. I actually started mid-April and finished just two days ago working on these on and off after my day-job.

My art direction was like this because I wanted a glamour/fashion/action type of full body portraits. I wanted to stay close to the original designs while giving it a little twist. Also, since Diablo 3 is a top-down type of game, seeing action and skills up close would be very interesting for the target audience. Although it was very fun to do, I actually got burnt out just because it took soo long to finish. (blame my busy day-job haha) Still, I got what I wanted and learned a ton about composition, posing, anatomy, lighting, armor designs, and most importantly, about being PATIENT and STICKING to your plan to the end.

ALSO, I have video processes of these here!…

Other illustrations of the set are here:




Demon Hunter

Witch Doctor


Just curious, what's your favorite?
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I fuckin' love the Demon Hunter....
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I would like to feature your work in the next days or weeks with a blog article like this one [link] my website Game Art HQ Art HQ

Greets and a good weekend!
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This would be a great idea! It would really be my pleasure so I'm totally up for it. Just let me know what you need. Thanks!
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my favorite of your d3 works is probably the barbarian, i feel like the composition is the best there. the discrepancies i notice here are the sizes of the arrows; they look inconsistent and rather large for crossbows. the figure seems to be suspended in space rather than passing through space if you will, the figure and the background seem to be on separate layers and dont seem to come together. other than that pretty solid piece, details are very well done. :)
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Thanks liking my stuff and for the honest critique! One thing funny too is that the demon hunter uses magical arrows.. so putting the quiver there actually doesnt make any sense... XD Anyhow... really appreciate your comments.. they're actually true.. but I guess its time to move on from this piece... :D Cheers!
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Damn! You're so talented, I have no words! How many times I've tried to do some drawing in photoshop with my Bamboo tablet, and I just couldn't achieve anything good...(I don't even know where to start haha) You're lucky and I hope you'll never stop doing this, it would be a huge waste of talent! Thanks for sharing these and never stop doing this amazing work!
DeivCalviz's avatar
Thanks man!

Don't worry.. we all started by doing crappy works.. I might upload my crappy works someday just to make a point... anyway just keep praticing and you'll get good in no time! It's about putting the hours to get what you want. There are tons of good sites out there that teach.. i have a few links at the right side of my blog.. maybe you could start from there? Cheers!
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the Demon Hunter(s) are my favorite, followed by Wizard, Witch Doctor, Monk, then Barbarian
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Super Thanks! Really thought your previous comments were all amusing. Glad you like my stuff! :D
AesirMaster's avatar
born to survive, forged to fight back
littlegoblet's avatar
unbelievable talent buddy I envy you :clap: well done your pics have made my day :nod:
DeivCalviz's avatar
Thank you very much for appreciating my works! :D
Lemmy-X's avatar
This excellent artwork is featured in my journal. [link]
DeivCalviz's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature! :D
Lemmy-X's avatar
The pleasure was mine. :)
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
This is very beautiful! I love the textured look of your painting.
gabrielx-com's avatar
Demon Huntress, my favorite. My DPS right now is 116k, I'm a killing machine!
DeivCalviz's avatar
Cool!! 116k is so high!

I only play a little D3 and I haven't even reached 60 haha.. I spent too much time doing art instead of playing.. but yeah.. Thanks for the support :D
gabrielx-com's avatar
Well, doing art instead of playing is way better than wasting your time creating a perfect Demon Hunter, hehe. I should be doing the same, my camera is dusty, >_<
tsheva's avatar
Awwww, you didn't draw her in thigh high red heels.



This rawks.
DeivCalviz's avatar
there's still a little heel there but yeah.. not too high.. haha thanks! :D
AmethystSadachbia's avatar
I'm glad you didn't draw her wearing stiletto heels like she does in-game. As a woman who's worn high heels only a few times, I can confidently say that they are NOT something you want to wear if your primary job involves running around shooting things! ^^;
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Fantastic picture, there's so much motion, you can almost see her moving. Brilliant :)
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