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Diablo 3 - Anniversary Fan Art

EDIT: Bigger file preview! YAY!

Wohoo!! can't believe it's one year already.

I made this as a request for Vaeflare from Blizzard. (It will be featured in their site this week! yippee!) Anyway it's kinda rushed compared to my usual stuff... I learned a lot on how to cram!

I wanted to give it an horror movie poster vibe while sort of staying near my previous Diablo 3 illustrations.

Hope I did it justice.. XD

PS: Video process soon! Let me wrap up some other stuff first!
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Is this anime or movie or what? Looks pretty amazing and that girl character beautiful.

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it is a fanart of a game. Thanks!

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Not matter were you will be Diablo, I will hunt you down even if it takes an eternity, you will know my wrath, you will taste the bitterness of defeat like not before,

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Leah was a character that didn't deserve what happened to her :(
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True.. but that's how the Diablo franchise work... they just repeated the same template of turning the main character into Diablo... XD
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i don't know why but i think we will rescue Leahs soul or get help from her in the next expansion.
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That's a good theory :D I can't wait for the next expansion. hopefully they will make one
Well I believe if she would come back (AND I HOPE SHE'LL COME BACK) then she'll probably going to be a guider like character someone who shall lead the new heroes on their journey (so I think she'll come back in Diablo IV) and she will teach the world of Sanctuarly something similar that Medivh taught the world because YEP I expect her to comeback as a female Medivh who basically going to help us on our journeys just like Deckard did and now its time for Leah to take up her uncle's job
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I think they're going a step further than that, (in a ways a female counterpart to Tyrael).

I sense she'll take over as the new Aspect of Wisdom (remember Malthael's dead and Leah fits the bill very well (since Cain was giving her loads of Wisdom in her youth), the Angels need a new member to fill in that role).
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Poor Leah. I felt so bad for her. 
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OH nOOOooo! I remember this part. and it was'nt cool. :<
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This is a great piece, it has an aura of forebodding and tragedy in waiting. It has all the glorious elements for an epic tale, served by awesome technique!
hope to see her again in DLC
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anganda papa dave <3
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Very Cool, The Daughter of Diablo.
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amazing colors!
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