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Darth Vader Redesign
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Published: January 28, 2015
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Something quick I did for the Brainstorm group's challenge at Facebook. I wanted to stay close to the original but make it more modern maybe?

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DeivCalvizProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! Glad you like it :D
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Looks like a samurai. Kinda cool and slightly more scary.
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DeivCalvizProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! Yeah, actually a lot of starwars was based on japanese stuff so yeah :D
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DeivCalvizProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! :)
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Really well done, though it does remind me some of Shredder, but that makes sense as Darth Vader was inspired by Samurai
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This Vader given the best that credits can by to give the protection of the cannon suit whithout limited mobility. This would be Sidious trying to get Vader close to his original force potential before the injuries  
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Would you say Darth Vader was at the peak of his abilities and dueling skills during the events of Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi?
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FyreBalHobbyist General Artist
omg its perfect in every way!!
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What I like about the armor on the far right is that this could be what Vader's armor would look like if Sidious didn't cut so many corners in its design. As the original suit we know him for is actually a lot cruder than it looks and operates, and if he actually cared about Anakin after his defeat on Mustafar, would've invested more resources into Vader's armor like this one looked like it had. 
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Yeah, but all of those flaws were intentional. Sheeve (Thats Sidious' actual name) knew that at his best, Anakin would kill him with ease as he is the chosen one. But he wanted to rule the galaxy and eventually universe unapposed, so he made the suite a hindrance to Vader's skill so he wouldn't be beaten. He made the dark armor heavy and cumbersome to move in, much of the parts were mismatched so they snagged and pulled at his body, the synthetic breathing kept him awake, the synthetic skin was constantly itchy, and that control module on his chest would beep for no reason.

Of course the suite also had benefits like enhanced vision and hearing, super strength, and mandolorian iron limbs to withstand light sabers. So silver lining.
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Indeed. Yet they only came to prove Vader's power as the Chosen One as he managed to overcome the limitations his cybernetics caused him. And used the pain it caused him to channel his power. 
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Yeah, much like the hulk, he gets more dangerous the angrier he gets.
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This is great very nice, kept close to the original design but still some notable changes. You know the emperor intentionally put more than several hindrances in Vader's suit. But later on it was revealed that sidious realized(before luke appeared) that he would probably be his successor and built him a new improved suit but Vader didn't take it. Anyways in my opinion this is probably what it would look like 10/10, Five star!     
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Tigerman354Student Writer
This looks exactly the concept art!!!
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levitan71Hobbyist General Artist
makes me think about that the empire had better technoligy for vader but the emperor made them use of the shelf tech instead to make him more dependant on the empire :/
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malgus123Hobbyist Digital Artist
reminds me of Tulak Hord's armor.
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GrungeWerXshopProfessional Filmographer
Aw man, dude, this is SO FRESH! I love it!!!
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I hope Kylo looks like this in VIII. Nice redesign.
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Riderboy1Student Writer
This is so cool! It reminds me of the concept art of Vader!
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Vader's helmet/mask reminds me of the Shredder from the early 2000s version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.

Overall, I like the design. It's new but doesn't deviate too far from the original. It makes Vader more badass and a tank than he already is. I think this could've been the new suit for Vader since it states on the Star Wars wiki that by 0 BBY, Vader had the chance to be given a new suit. It would be better, technologically superior and more comfortable to wear. However, to do so he would need to have his prosthetic limbs removed and life-support temporarily disabled. The process was considered too risky and could have cost Vader's life so the idea was abandoned. 
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Definitely one of the best Vader redesigns I've ever seen.
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