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ASUSROG by Ivan 1.1 final



Version 1.1 now with 70+ skins 

Icon set for rocketdock and rainmeter skin is "chrome_and_red_icons_by_xylomon"
Rocketdock theme is "ROG v1"

Link to D-Vu Meter equalizer skin edited by me to go with my AsusROG skin.…

[ASUSROG\ROG3Danimation] 3D animation, :) 3D rotating ROG logo /3D model made by me available on…
[ASUSROG\Clock] digital clock
[ASUSROG\Battery Bar] battery status for laptops
[ASUSROG\CPU Bar] CPU % used
[ASUSROG\Date] textual date, with week number and day number in year.
[ASUSROG\Lines\ASUSROG H1] horizontal line 1px - i use this one on top of screen
[ASUSROG\Lines\ASUSROG H4] horizontal line 4px - i use this one on bottom of screen, set to be always on front and click trough so it hide the line of taskbar when hidden.
[ASUSROG\HDD Bar\Bar 3] HDD C - set it up for third HDD
[ASUSROG\PasswordCopyToClipboard] - if you have something that you use frequently as copy paste item, like kind of password that you do use a lot but for some reasos can't save it in program that is using it (like VPN client) just put password in this skin and with one left click make it to be copied to clipboard so you can just paste it where it is needed.
[ASUSROG\Launcher] launcher
[ASUSROG\Launcher with Icons] launcher
[ASUSROG\Quotes] quotes
[ASUSROG\Music] music player
[ASUSROG\NET Download]
[ASUSROG\Notes] notes with single page
[ASUSROG\NotesRGB] notes with three pages
[ASUSROG\RAM Bar] RAM % used
[ASUSROG\Recycler Bin]
[ASUSROG\SSID info] all network address informations
[ASUSROG\System] windows version and user info
[ASUSROG\SystemCPU] CPU name and motherboard name
[ASUSROG\Up Time] up time
[ASUSROG\Volume System] click/mouse roll volume skin
[ASUSROG\Volume Winamp] click/mouse roll volume skin
[ASUSROG\VPN] VPN On/Off notification
[ASUSROG\BIOS] Bios version
[ASUSROG\WorkTime]-button to save start work time/end work time
[ASUSROG\Lines\ASUSROG Left edge]
[ASUSROG\Lines\ASUSROG Right edge]
[ASUSROG\Screen Brightness] click/mouse roll screen brightens skin
[ASUSROG\Questions] like quotes, just questions :)
[ASUSROG\Ping] ping to /customizable
[ASUSROG\Resources Rainmeter]-CPU % used by rainmeter
[ASUSROG\Hello] :)
[ASUSROG\Facebook] feed
[ASUSROG\Google news] feed
[ASUSROG\Clock small top level] small clock that cover top right corner of windows to show time when you have windows that cover full screen area, it will fade when mouse ovrer so you can minimize/close window
[ASUSROG\Processes CPU] 6 top CPU processes
[ASUSROG\Analog Clock] clock
[ASUSROG\Websites] launcher
[ASUSROG\Moon] moon phase
[ASUSROG\CAD] launcher
[ASUSROG\QuotesPK]-quotes by Paulo Coelho, on Serbian only - Vignette style first letter of quote plus additional comments below in different style
[ASUSROG\CPU1]-animated or hist versions
[ASUSROG\CPU2]-animated or hist versions
[ASUSROG\CPU3]-animated or hist versions
[ASUSROG\CPU4]-animated or hist versions
[ASUSROG\CPU5]-animated or hist versions
[ASUSROG\CPU6]-animated or hist versions
[ASUSROG\CPU7]-animated or hist versions
[ASUSROG\CPU8]-animated or hist versions
[ASUSROG\SpeedFan GPU temp]
[ASUSROG\SpeedFan HDD temp]
[ASUSROG\SpeedFan ACPI temp]
[ASUSROG\SpeedFan CPU0 temp]
[ASUSROG\SpeedFan CPU1 temp]
[ASUSROG\SpeedFan CPU2 temp]
[ASUSROG\SpeedFan CPU3 temp]
[ASUSROG\WoT] statistics
[ASUSROG\WoTLaunch] ping and launcher
[ASUSROG\Weather] weather skin 1
[ASUSROG\Weather2] weather skin 2 /when both are activeated, second is invisible and should be on same X-Y coordinates like first. use red switch button to switch betwen two weather skins
[ASUSROG\Clock with date] simple digital clock with date
[ASUSROG\Shutdown] 5 power options launcher
[ASUSROG\Slide Show] pictures slide show
[ASUSROG\Spinning lines] animation
[ASUSROG\Expanding circle] animation
[ASUSROG\Steam Launcher] not mine design, but very useful for ROG
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Excellent, but i can't find the dock louncher at the bottom center . Thank you.