Important Announcement: Changes to the WSW Discord
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Preface to this Announcement

Our group initially started with Skype, and after Raidcall, we've found our home on Discord. We've wait on Discord developments and develop a lot on the server itself, more so than the other programs; therefore, it is time we do some needed management to it and introduce some new changes.

With the group's current direction, the Discord has been a place for many of the active community members who not only continue to create and share work, but talk with others to keep themselves in the interactivity and cycle of feedback towards shared work; however, there has been a few cases of those who have joined us who do not keep up activity. Discord is a place where everyone supports each other, but some people have fallen off the radar of activity.

Regarding Activity & Role

For starters, anyone previously removed for half a year to a year of inactivity can still join the Discord again under the "New Discord Screening Guidelines" seen below, so it's more of a push for people to at least check in once and a while.

We have updated each room to have clear and defined roles with distinctions, one such new role is the "Initiates" role which all new people who join the Discord will be set under. When first joining and you don't have a role, you will only have access to one voice channel and text channel, and upon joining you will be talked to by admins to discuss a range of topics which will likely and commonly include talking about Touhou, Walfas, and various subject matters like schedule and personal interests you have. A microphone is of course recommended if one prefers to talk in voice, but not always necessary. After a talk, we will easily be able to determine you eligible for a role where you will be greeted by a number of the server go-ers, of which would be good to talk to first thing under the new role.

There won't be much to an initiation, and you'll mostly be able to browse like the rest of the members under the role. After a while though, we may pull someone aside to discuss the activities and perhaps progress they've made while in the Discord. It will be here were we can decide a membership role or not, but remember, you are still obligated as a member to use the role to show you understand our rules, policies, and are willing to take those kind of things into consideration, but it'll be a cinch for those who show caring and consideration in this regard. If your interests do end up deviating a bit from the group's primary focus though, you can still be eligible for a guest role if not member. You can also choose to be a guest, too, over being a member.

New Discord Screening Guidelines

Here are the new guidelines for joining Discord, so it is today that we announce the following:
  • You have to be a member: Be it partaker of a DeviantArt Walfas group, or YouTube Walfas content creator, you have to at least have that going for you to join our Discord. The Discord is only meant for those who are a part of the Walfas community in some form, so this is mandatory to join the Discord group as a member. Outside of this, people who don't meet these conditions can be set as a guest or removed if not finding a good reason to be here for themselves.
  • We are updating our invitational system to the Discord: We will no longer be handing out Discord invites without prompt; it will still be ask-an-admin-only when it comes to invites, but now to get a note with an invite, it will have to be earned. If you just created a new account on DeviantArt, you will not be eligible to join right away until you post content and comments to or for our group. We've found those who join freshly have not often proved they're ready to create content within context of the group unless already a creator on YouTube or otherwise, and while we allow content within the confines of our galleries so people can branch out into different mediums, and it isn't fair to give an invite under the promise of new content, we will need concrete uploads and dialogue from now on.
  • Accounts will be investigated: If you're to join our Discord, you must be ready to accept the idea that people can and should use criticism to help challenge you to improve, and the same will be true on DeviantArt. We will investigate a DeviantArt account, and if we turn up content that shows questionable behavior, we may refuse an instant invite link; likewise, if we don't have conclusive results while browsing your account, we may also refuse and ask you to make more content.
Notice: Please keep your activity unhidden.
  • Upon an accepted invitation, you will no longer become an immediate member: Instead you will be set under a "Initiates" role for a period of time where you are in the Discord to prove you're ready to accept what the Discord asks of people and to take the time to build yourself up in the community. We won't ask for something every day as we understand stuff like school is a legitimate factor in one's ability to create, but we do at least think it would be good to check in and make the fact that you are checking in on the group known as many who are at least semi-active do. In the event you do not show these traits under initiation though, you can be removed until you have the time to set aside to pass initiation.
  • In regards to intrusive Discord behavior: A person that ends up violating just The "Kick by 1,000 Paper Cuts" policy from user complaint on said behavior may be put under what's known as a "WSW Discord Suspension". In this state, you will no longer have immediate access to any invite links, but you will be allowed access to the DeviantArt. You will be forced to show improvement on the DeviantArt via uploads, comments, and etc.

The WSW Discord Suspension

This has been a state that has actually been a part of our group for a while, but because of the particularity of it, we never really spoke of it formally until now as the frequency of suspensions increased. What our Discord Suspension aims to do is make a discrepancy between banning and removal. A suspension is Discord specific and is defined as such: The state where individuals who don't necessarily break our rules, but nevertheless violate The "Kick by 1,000 Paper Cuts" policy or the creed. Typically when someone was disruptive, inconsiderate, or even socially unequipped to uphold common social standards are they suspended. Because of the fine line between behavior on DeviantArt vs. Discord, we've learned that some individuals were not ready for the kind of chatting Discord allows, so if you were to be suspended from Discord, it would mean that your access to DeviantArt is still 100% allowed. It is on the DeviantArt platform you will prove you are ready to re-enter the Discord by interacting with people on this site and making content that shows to us as a group you've bettered yourself to earn a place back in the Discord.

Updates to the "3 strikes, you're out" System

We are making updates to how our three strike system currently works between Discord and DeviantArt. For Discord, here are the updates we have:
  1. Strike one; user is put in a temporary timed ban, same will not happen to DeviantArt unless a user brings the matter to there from Discord.
  2. Strike two; user gets a semi-permanent ban under suspension status; allowing them access on the DeviantArt to give them chance for change.
  3. Strike three; user will receive a permanent banning from Discord and DeviantArt groups completely.
For DeviantArt, strikes will be handled mostly like our traditional strike system, but with the removal of appeals:
  1. Strike one; user is put under a temporary timed ban. During which they cannot request to join the Discord and are removed if they are in it.
  2. Strike two; user receives another temporary ban, but will be welcome to talk to the admins via notes on DeviantArt or through Discord via admin user ID. If a consoling session goes well, they will be given a last chance in DeviantArt better themselves.
  3. Strike three; user will receive a permanent banning for the DeviantArt group and will no longer be allowed invite link if not a member, otherwise they will be removed from Discord with a permanent ban also.
Strikes are now semi-independent on each platform; however, standing in Discord can go into decision-making on the DeviantArt platform; for example, if we are aware a user caused trouble in the Discord and is now doing so on the DeviantArt, we may be swifter to give said user a strike for it. It's important to note strike two for Discord: "semi-permanent" is only permanent if a user under this refuses to better themselves, so we allow them one more chance to make things right on the DeviantArt platform assuming they don't reach strike three.

Bear in mind that behavior relevant to a ban outside the group during the time of a user ban will be factored in. If your behavior is known or reported from an outside group, we will consider it on an individual case basis. Also of notice, adopting good behavior for a long period of time may alleviate a strike you receive on each platform, but that takes time, dedication, and rebuilding trust to earn.

Time of a ban is decided by admins and can be two weeks to a month depending on how severe the action in question was.
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FathiFirdausHobbyist Interface Designer
What should i do/who should i ask to get the Invitation?
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DeityDiz93Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can always leave a comment on our front page requesting one. Invites are only given out by the founder/contributors, who are the only people who can create Discord Instant Invites.
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FathiFirdausHobbyist Interface Designer
Okay, thank you for the information.
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Aardvark1998Hobbyist Writer
Out of curiosity, what counts as "questionable behaviour"? I'm guessing you mean bullying, software piracy and the like.
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DeityDiz93Hobbyist Digital Artist
You have the right idea with the guess. It's basically actions that otherwise would be counted as breaking or nearly crossing the rules we have in our group. Using your guess of bullying, that would mean there is likely something The Anti-Bullying Policy that someone could have crossed already before coming into the Discord group; it wouldn't be good of us to accept someone like that.

While it's not our job to police behavior in other servers or sites, on the surface-level glance on an individual case-by-case basis, the least we could do is double-check accounts, especially since we accepted someone in the past who had a history of anger on dA into the Discord, which of course, spilled into chats. This is just us being more careful from now on.
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What is meant by inactivity? A lack of content or commenting in the discord group?
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DeityDiz93Hobbyist Digital Artist
Either or. Basically you could just comment once in a while and not post content, or vice versa, and be fine. Basically what we are aiming to stop is people who have done stuff like not spoken since 2015, which has been a real thing we've found with some in the group. If you already checked in once in a while to the group and say hello to people, you're pretty much okay.
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