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It is of a great sadness to report that the software group Titled Mill has apparently dissolved its agreement and will no longer be considered a full affiliate of Deities of Nefertiti.

Reason. It has come to our knowledge that the software group no longer services its software package 'Immortal Cities- Children of the Nile', a circumstance that has been noted financially and otherwise by DoN. The product may be solicited to be removed from public circulation and sale until the serviceability has been updated and functionality duly noted.

We can not publically endorse anyone purchasing this product, with risk that they may not purchase a functional copy. This instance sometimes is elected by small hedge fund companies that cannot support long term investments. We again apologize for any misinformation previously endorsed on behalf of this company and its product.

Below is copy of the original public disclosure.


In collaboration with developer "Tilted Mill Entertainment", Deities of Nefertiti has entered into an agreement with it software division to work as an affiliate using the "Immortal Cities" logo and content. Their Windows-based game 'Children of the Nile' will become a major component in Deities of Nefertiti's public campaign.

The game, focusing on ancient Egyptian citybuilding is a 4X style platform based upon the "Sims" franchise of artificial intelligence (ai) gaming, will be used to illustrate and exhibit snapshots of actual scenarios. Complete with characters, scenery and traditional Egyptian layouts, it allows modders and illustrators to edit and create new content specific to the game itself.

Deities of Nefertiti plans to launch the new affiliate agreement in late January/early Feburary 2012. Interested members who wish to help in the launch or any other aspect of the campaign should contact Habatchii at:

For more on the game, go to:…
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