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Link and the Wind Fish by Selladorra
Fierce Deity and Death Sword by TheGreatAhtnamas
Fierce Deity vs Majora's Wrath by FlashBros
Volvagia Headshot by GreyRadian
Golden Goddesses
Golden Goddesses - Old book illustration by Webmegami
Farore/Nayru fusion by Ppeacht
Nayru/Din fusion by Ppeacht
This will give you courage [Remake] by Kyraktos
The Holy
Ballad of the Windfish by giz-art
Out of the dark... by Filiana
Evil grin... by Filiana
Concept art: Fierce's Carnival of Time outfit by Webmegami
The Accursed
Concept art: Gods of Termina by Webmegami
The Masks We Wear by Talicor
A Devious Dragon - Volvagia Cosplay by HylianJean
The Two-Headed Dragon Gleeok by Saskle
OC Deities
Negociations by Webmegami
She sees everything by Webmegami
Lux by Ladywiththeface
Deities Masquerade - The good old times by Webmegami
Great Fairies
The Great Fairy by SuaveDarjeeling
Legend of Zelda: Great Fairy by daisyein
The Great Fairy by simpson94
Wind Waker OoT Great Fairy by ellenent
OC Great Fairies
Loyren's outfit references by Webmegami
OC Portrait - Great fairy of Light by Webmegami
Yateera by StarryTiger
Dark Great Fairy by rabbs
6 Sages by Filiana
Ruto by Sandwichwithham
Saria by hekaputah
Ruto by Unttin7
OC Sages
LoZ OC: Vitari by the19thGinny
DoH - Hyrulian Antiquity by KnightOfModernDay
The View Under Valoo by Dangerking11





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Welcome to our group! :wave:

Anyone is allowed to join :)


Here are the guidelines:
1) This is a Legend of Zelda series based group, art submitted must be based off of said series.

2) You must be respectful and open minded

3) The focus of this group is the Deities, Holy spirits, Bosses, Great Fairies and Sages of the series.

4) Link, Zelda, Dark Link, Ganon(dorf) and other mortal characters are only allowed when facing deities, the focus must be on the deity

5) OC deities are welcome (we need a description of who they are for the first submission, then if they are accepted, you don't need the description the next times.)

6) The pic must be 100% effort, no WIPs or website-generated sprites. We want to see your proudest works!

7) Lined paper backgrounds are not acceptable

8) No official art, no tracing, no copying

9) Keep to DeviantART's rules too, please

10) Tasteful nudity will be tolerated

11) We accept the first three chapters of fanfics with interactions with the deities.

12) If your submission has a print status, it will be denied unless proof of written permission from the owners is given.

13) If you are unsure why your submission was denied, you are more than welcome to drop us a note and we will answer your question.

:star: What is a Deity? And what goes in what folder?
:star: Who is considered a deity in the LoZ series?
Hopefully most of you have completed the game, and enjoyed it!

Although I didn't know back then, ALttP (on which the map of ALBW is based, fyi) was actually the first Zelda game I ever played, so I had nostalgia and the wonder of new features keeping me glued to my 3DS.

On to business, here are the new accepted characters in our group. Interestingly, only the Great Fairies and Sages folders get new characters this time. But, if you feel another character would fit in one of our categories, please let us know.

Great Fairies:
-Great Fairy
-Great Rupee Fairy

-Sahasrahla (already in the list)

Also don't forget, if you spot a good pic of any accepted character and feel it belongs in the group, suggest it to our favourites, I'll go through them and add them to our gallery. Or at least request them :D.

Any other comments/feedback on the group is also welcome.

Hopefully in "Hyrule Warriors" or whatever the next game will be called will have a few awe inspiring bosses that might be deity-deemable XD.

Cheers everyone!
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