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“Sorry,” Legolas said. “But I still don’t understand where you come off saying the escape of the Dwarves was your fault.”
“Haven’t you been listening?” the hobbit replied. “Gandalf chose me to be their burglar… not a very adept one, perhaps, but I did do my job. I traveled with Thorin and his company from the Shire all the way to the Lonely Mountain and back again. I set them free from their cells in your dungeons and sent them floating down the river in your barrels!”
There were a few seconds of utter silence.
“But… but how?” Legolas asked weakly.

This is from the very end of that fanfic I was writing way back in the day about the pre-Council Legolas Escapades. In Rivendell, Bilbo is finally telling Legolas the true story about the escape of Thorin and Company.

Legolas' arms are way too short and they bother me, but I like the way Bilbo came out.

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this is a really cool scene :)  i could really see this happening :D

i love the colors and how you drew Legolas :) it's kind've how i picture him in the books. overall it's a very pleasant drawing to look at and the dialogue you wrote is awesome :)