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The Birds Still Cry: Chapter 1
D Chapter One
Author’s Note: Well… as you can see, this is a Naruto fanfic. But… there’s one problem. I actually have not watched that much of Naruto. (CURSE YOU, HOMEWORK…!) But, I DID watch a chunk of Shippuden. Almost an entire arc, I think. And there was one character that caught my eye and intrigued me. This character… was Deidara.
And so, I will try my hand at writing a Naruto fanfiction. I will probably make some mistakes, despite the awesome power of Google, so… DON’T GO CHEESE ON ME, OKAY? I appreciate corrections, though. Just leave em in the reviews or something. ANYWAY… this is the first chapter. If you likey, don’t hesitate to review. If you no likey, don’t hesitate either. I WANT TO KNOW HOW I CAN MAKE THIS BETTER. And, if I get enough reviews, I will continue. I have the entire thing planned out already, really. So… I hope you enjoy this! Rate and Review, please!!! Thanks!!!
Chapter One
When D
:iconblackrosegoth:BlackRoseGoth 5 4
Lost in you by cherryf0x Lost in you :iconcherryf0x:cherryf0x 57 21 DeiSaku by Milady666 DeiSaku :iconmilady666:Milady666 586 122 DeiSaku by xImmortality09x DeiSaku :iconximmortality09x:xImmortality09x 17 0 deisaku. omg yes more by kokorodragon deisaku. omg yes more :iconkokorodragon:kokorodragon 61 56 Butterfly +DeiSaku+ by Eriko-Ivanov Butterfly +DeiSaku+ :iconeriko-ivanov:Eriko-Ivanov 374 47
Ch.13 Forbidden Love - DeiSaku
Their lips had finally broken off and they sat there catching their breath. Deidara and Sakura had French kissed for what felt like an eternity when it had only been for five minutes give or take. While they panted, they were staring at each other. Their bodies were pulsating and sweat was beading on their foreheads. The pink haired scholar didn't know what to think. Should she be happy, angry, violated, flattered? Sakura was filled with mixed feelings. Since the opportunity was open, the blond transfer student dug into the pocket of his pants to pull out an folded piece of paper. He placed it in Sakura's hand and made her fingers coil around it. Deidara spoke in a breathy whisper.
Think about it. Hn.
She gave him a nod. Sakura picked up her bento, got up and left the hallway, Deidara watched as she turned right at the end of the hall. When the female scholar was gone, the blond finally realized what happened. Shame took over.
(Stupid Deidara! What were you t
:iconshinanaevangelian:ShinanaEvangelian 15 11
Ch.12 Forbidden Love - DeiSaku
The bell rang meaning that second class had ended. Everyone in their classrooms gathered their stuff to go to their next class room. Sakura walked out of Sex Ed, she had gym class with Mr. Guy.
(It has been an entire class period, I should go check on Deidara.)
The pink haired teen headed to Nurse Shizune's office. Along the way, she met up with the blond transfer student who had already left the nurse's office.
Deidara, are you feeling any better?
Yeah, much better. Hn. So what class is next? Hn.
Gym class with Mr. Guy.
Deidara went rigid at the word "gym". another class he dreaded as much as Sex Ed.
(I could always fake that I have a stomachache again…)
Angel Deidara appeared in a puff of white smoke and pulled on Deidara's ear. He winced in pain.
Then he disappeared again, Deidara mentally sighed. He had to grit his teeth and bear it.
Well, let's go. Hn.
Once in gym, all the students gathered around weari
:iconshinanaevangelian:ShinanaEvangelian 13 6
Ch.11 Forbidden Love - DeiSaku
The next morning, Deidara woke up with the loud sound of his alarm clock blaring. He pressed the snooze button feeling half asleep. Sluggishly, the blond got out of bed and did his morning routine to get prepared for school, and the new day. Deidara was brushing and pulling his long blond hair up in a half ponytail as he was thinking about his decision he made up last night. He was looking at himself in the mirror while talking aloud.
Well, Deidara. Hn. Today's the day you will tell Sakura your love for her. Hn. Now what can I tell her…? Hn. Sakura… we've been friends for awhile and… Hn.
He sighed irritably when he couldn't find the right words. The blond continued rehearsing while he got dressed in his Konoha High School uniform.
Sakura. Hn. during the time we've been friends, I feel like I've grown to like you more… Hn. No… Hn.
Before heading out with his school bag, he caught sight of the folded up piece of paper with the poem. He
:iconshinanaevangelian:ShinanaEvangelian 15 5
Ch.10 Forbidden Love - DeiSaku
Lunch had ended and Sakura was walking down the hallways to her next class. Along the way, she met up with Deidara who was walking with his hands in the pocket of his pants looking downcast. The pink haired teen approached him.
Hey, Deidara.
The blond looked up at Sakura, a smile slowly dawned on his uneasy face.
Hey. Hn.
It didn't take long for Sakura to notice something was bothering him.
What's wrong?
The smile disappeared from his face.
What are you talking about, Sakura? Hn.
You look pale and your face seems damp.
Oh, I—I guess I might have a bit of a fever. Hn.
Deidara lied to her, he didn't want her to worry over him if he told her that he had an anxiety attack.
You should go see Nurse Shizune.
No, that won't be necessary. Hn. It's just a slight fever, I'll be alright before the end of the day. Hn.
The pink haired scholar shrugged.
If you say so. Don't take a fever too lightly.
Don't sweat
:iconshinanaevangelian:ShinanaEvangelian 13 21
Ch. 9 Forbidden Love - DeiSaku
WARNING: There will be strong language, you have been warned!
Deidara and Sakura stood transfixed in front of the Akatsuki gang, their heart rates beating hard in their chests. The tense blond swallowed his excess saliva nervously.
(Oh crap! They caught me! What are they gonna do?!)
Deidara… who is that girl you're with?
He flinched slightly at the question, then looked at the pink haired scholar next to him who had fear in her green eyes.
Um… this is… Sakura… Hn…
Ah, the girl who showed us around the school the other day.
Yeah, that would be me.
She shot off a wry smile as she laughed uneasily. The orange haired teen approached Sakura for a closer look. The sixteen year old went blanched to see him advance her, she took a small step back like the voice in her head was telling her to run.
I won't bite.
Sakura remained still. Even if she wanted to run, she couldn't. next thing she knew, Pein towered over her and
:iconshinanaevangelian:ShinanaEvangelian 17 11
Ch. 8 Forbidden Love - DeiSaku
Sakura woke up as the raising sun shone through the window and upon her face. She moaned when the bright light nearly blinded her, burning her retinas. The tired teen almost forgot where she was when her jade green eyes explored the room until she remembered that she had slept at Deidara's apartment. Whether she wanted to or not, she slipped out of Deidara's bed. Before Sakura could leave the room, she slipped on the blonds jeans that he had lend to her recalling the embarrassing even last night.
The pink haired scholar left the bedroom with baggy clothes on. When she had turn toward the bathroom, she saw Deidara brushing his long blond hair without a shirt on! Sakura stood mesmerized looking at his outstanding torso, he was muscular but slim. She lightly blushed.
(He has a nice body.)
The handsome blond had taken part of his hair up, and tied it into a half ponytail. He finally noticed Sakura at the entrance of the bathroom. He greeted her with a smile.
Good m
:iconshinanaevangelian:ShinanaEvangelian 13 12
Ch. 6 Forbidden Love - DeiSaku
Deidara walked back to Sex Ed class four minutes before the bell would ring. He became indirectly angry at Mr. Kakashi.
(That was too much… Damn that Sex Ed teacher! Does the school honestly allow us to read smut? That's messed up! Mr. Kakashi should be fired.)
The blond transfer student approached the classroom and opened the door. His visible eye shifted meekly around the room, all the students were gawking at him funny. He gave out a wry grin as he tentatively sat back down next to Sakura. Deidara's cheeks were burning red with embarrassment.
Hey, are you ok, Deidara?
Yeah, I'm ok now. Hn.
What was wrong?
His face felt hot again.
Um… N-nothing really important, Sakura. Hn.
(Sorry, Sakura. But this was something you're better off not knowing.)
the bell rang before long. The students grabbed their school stuff and walked out the door. Deidara and Sakura walked to their next class.
Aw, man!
What is it, Sak
:iconshinanaevangelian:ShinanaEvangelian 16 27
Mature content
Ch. 5 Forbidden Love - DeiSaku :iconshinanaevangelian:ShinanaEvangelian 19 34




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