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Current Residence: Outer Planes, The Outlands | Limbo
Favourite genre of music: medieval, epic, gothic, trance
Operating System: Windows XP. Feed the flames, please!
Favourite cartoon character: L
Personal Quote: I'm a warrior. This was the nearest war.

Favourite Visual Artist
Anry Nemo
Favourite Movies
Lord of the Rings
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Conjure One
Favourite Writers
David Gemmel
Favourite Games
Darktide, Planescape: Torment
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Sword and staff
Other Interests
fantasy, ddr, gaming, martial arts & swordplay

Help wanted!

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Due to the incomprehensible (indeed!), yet palpable aura of fear in a 10 meter radius that seems to emanate whenever my fingers touch my camera and prompts every sentient being, friend and foe alike, to quickly seek cover as if in face of certain annihilation... ...I am on the hunt for anyone that is fine with being photographed, in both natural or arranged scenes - or heaven's forbid, one that might even enjoy it! :)   The unfortunate drawback of my beloved genre, portrait photography, happens to be the requirement of a consenting another person. Oh cruelty! ;)
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On Madness

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Madness. It glitters on me through the mirror, the contrast of the scene blinding all rationality. Yet as I shatter my chains to the tight-laced people known as our society, I feel strangely serene. And, for the first time, I'm content with my place. Strange, isn't it? I spent most of my life wishing to fit in when I could not. Now, when I grew able to, I choose the opposite. Life brings wondrous changes and I consign myself to follow each of them. Alas, what madness truly is? Something incomprehensible to the majority. Something inconcievable. Madness is difference beyond reasoning - it's difference beyond mere difference. And I shall we
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It has been a long journey. Through darkness. Oh the horrors I have witnesses, gnawing on my flesh. Horrors of my own, lurking beneath my skin. And I had to face them, accept them, and conquer them - or deny them and set them free. Divide and conquer, that's the law. And so I did. And divided I was. And holding the pieces in my hands, grimly recollecting the events of the past, I have found there are more ways than one to put them all together. So I chose one. I chose change. The fit was loose, but it's gaining now. Change has since become the word of power. Stagnate and rot. Change and adapt. Change and see the difference. Enjoy it, hat
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LOL everyone should see this ... it's HILARIOUS just Click here
Promin, nekdo se mi naboural do acc...DA je hackle >.>
thnx for the comment^^
Vypadá to moc dobře. Hezký. :)
hey! you catch tagg >:) go to my profile and read journal,please =^.~=
heeey ^^ diky za watch =^.^=
Ahoj :)
vytvořili jsme nový klub určený pro všechny Čechy na deviantArtu! Účelem není jen vytvořit seznam nás Čechů, ale především zveřejňovat naše díla a navzájem se podporovat...
Budeme moc rádi, když se k nám připojíš! Přejeme hezký den ;)