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My original character.
His name is Magnesium.
Abbreviation is Mg.
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At first I thought his head was pizza :iconfacepalmplz:
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I like it because the body just like a six-legged scorpion O.o
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I couldn't help but notice that his tail and limbs are taken from the Sentinels of the Matrix.
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Does MG have a human form like Calne Ca?
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I finally found out that this character is an ant, the tail has come out part of the ant's belly. And scorpions type consisting of insect head, chest, belly and body structure the number of feet is different decisively! I find this character really impressive. (^-^)
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Magnesium is a very interesting original character. c:
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Whats your inspiration?
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Magnesium is a very neat creation. Love his long, prehensile tail.
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Ahh . . . he's a fun guy. I love him.
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Honestly this IMO is your best work, especially the idea of it having one "Eye" out.
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Oh, so that's what it's called. *w*

He was always interesting.
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I was wondering if that creature had a name. I like him a lot!
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