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3DPV Bacterial Contamination

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Published: February 3, 2012
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Movie: Deino

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florecilla10Hobbyist General Artist
Yo amo esta cancion, gracias por crearla!!!! :-)
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BrokenWingsOfLightHobbyist Digital Artist
This Deviant is stealing your work.…
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BMTHToriStudent Traditional Artist
so cool
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OMG I have to listen to that song XP
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Hippy-the-rabbitStudent Digital Artist
do you know how much i love this song, the video, the everything, the animation and modeling on Calne Ca is fantastic, coupled all together with Miku's dark append voice ovo
i also love how Miku's voice sounds like a human's and wowee great job dude vuv
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Asukatheninja360Student General Artist
It's a video and song that really speaks to me. So deep. Excellent, Deino-kun!
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etc-animeHobbyist Digital Artist
I can't watch the PV without whimpering in fear and having it haunt me for days... I'm such a coward :iconsulkplz:
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Anniebell1699Hobbyist General Artist
I love the video so I got the 3dPV for MP4 and the MP3:happycry:
This 3d PV was a super skilled master piece:trophy:
You'll have to be a dumbass to not like this painting and the 3dPV:)
I honor you so much Deino3330
You've done the greatest job with this pic and 3dPV.It's like you used real people becuase your 3dPV looks alot like a real Movie.
All of your 3dPVs beat any other 3dPV and Music video I've seen:happybounce:
U R 1 COOL ARTIST :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
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EvoDeusHobbyist General Artist
My childhood just got assaulted by the fabled rape train with no brakes in the creepy factor! This will forever have a the #1 spot on my top 10 list of horror-based concepts I've ever seen in 2013. I've NEVER seen Vocaloid take the creepy factor to such an appealing high. D: I'm VERY impressed by this particular Bacterial Contamination Miku concept you created.

That video, I must say, has resolved quite a few Bullying problems. :T I hope to see more videos that are similar some time soon. You definitely seem to know how to take the creepy/horror in Vocaloid up a notch.
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Creativeluka219Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the video. It's really unique in a good way. Good jobbb!!!!!!
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NakuSakuStudent General Artist
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AwesomeSauceUnicornsStudent General Artist
This is awesome! :love:
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KFCMiyuHobbyist General Artist
I don't see how this is 'ruining anime', all because of a triangle, and that 'illuminati' conspiracy. It's NOT EVEN ANIME. Miku's a voice synthesiser and mascot, all because it's from Japan doesn't mean it's anime. I mean, it's manga and anime-influenced, but it's not bad. Deino is a wonderful artist.
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i loved the video and now this pic awsome job :D
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i loved the video and now this pic awsome job :D
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ryuu1818 General Artist
ahh!!! I saw this vid a few months ago, I love it!!! とってもすてきです!!!
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Ok. So heres the dealio... Ive always seen this vid in the red version wich i thought was SaikinOsen. is that the girl with red hairs name?
Then about a week ago i saw the "blue" version and everyone was like "OMG calcium is sooooooo awesome." and i got really confused. Are there two characters singing or is it just one, wich i think is saikinosen. though im not even sure if shes a real character. Could you by any chance reply what the song is about and who the characters are? English please (if you do respond) i'm still trying to learn romaji and japanese. Not so good at it.... but anyways im pretty sure it was about her, sakin osen ithink, being bullied and insect calcium is what she thinks she looks like to the other girls. So she kinda goes a bit crazy and i heard from someon that she even tried to the girls bullying her but then she jumps off a building killing herself... Am i anywhere close to the story behind this song? By the way, i think this was your ABSOLUTE BEST peice of work. the first time i saw it i had nightmeres that she was coming for me. the second time i almost cried because i learned the actual meaning of the words. So yaehh.... srry this sooooo long i just REALLY want toknow!!!
please reply :)
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Visible-ImaginationHobbyist Traditional Artist
you're new to this, huh? LOL

The song is sung by a Japanese voice synthesizer (VOCALOID) named Miku. (She's the teal-haired one) The red-haired one is simply a different rendition of Miku. Saikin Osen is the name of the SONG. It means "Bacterial Contamination" in English.
The song is basically about a girl being bullied and laughed at and she thinks it's some sort of "disease" that makes her get bullied, and "it hurts"(Hence the name of the song). In one of the lines of the song, she says that a girl tried to be nice to her. The main character (the one being bullied) thinks that maybe... just maybe... she passed her "disease" to this nice girl. I'm not sure whether the main character died or not... but eh. It's just a song.
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Hippy-the-rabbitStudent Digital Artist
you probably already got this answered but i really wanna answer it anyway -v-
i'm pretty sure that when she thought she thought she spread the disease to the other girl, she couldn't take the pain and guilt because they started bullying that other girl hence "The Bacterial Contamination is gone. I'm feeling much better now. I transmitted it to her. Ahah ahah ahah ahAH" so at the end she killed herself in hopes that her contamination would go away forever because even though the other girl got "contaminated" the bullies came back at the end and that was her driving point to kill herself. that hint is given with the skeleton of herself popping up again and again in the last verse of the song. ovo
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oh that makes alot more sense lol. yah im pretty sure she did die because EVERYONE claims that
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Visible-ImaginationHobbyist Traditional Artist
yep, and please allow me to correct myself. The red-haired one is not a different rendition of Miku... it's actually Deino's character... Calcium, I believe... And the teal-haired one isn't actually Miku either... It's also Calcium, but with a different haircolour (I believe Calcium was inspired by Miku so Deino made Calcium look like her)... Does-does that make sense?... I don't like giving people false info, so correct me if I'm wrong! D:
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well yes i bleive your right but i have always heard the blacke and grey haired one was calcium and so was the teal haired one (i think teal was only reflection) and the red is the girl being bullied. Either way i think they are both just versions of calcium like you said.
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correction : ... she even tried to KILL the girls... :P
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