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Jane and Lisbon

from "Mentalist". love that show :3
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wow i love it !!
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love this! was there really a moment like this on the show?
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unfortunately this moment lives only in my imagination :(
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Why isn't this canon? I'd be 35% okay with this if it were canon.
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That's so cute...! I like the style.
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Linked from Paint It Red. This is absolutely amazing! I absolutely love the detail in it. Just, wow.
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Me again. Just wanted to let you know I've nominated this for an award over on Paint-It-Red (Mentalist forum) - hope you don't mind! C:
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wow, that's interesting, thank u =)
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Your style of drawing is really cool! I wish we could see this type of scene on the show! It's really cute. :D
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Awww so adorable :) perfect posing, it looks very natural!
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love it nice work :)
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Awww. Great fanart/comic style for Jisbon Fans. :D Love how the shadows play around the characters, almost as if signifying their relationship.
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Lisbon, siempre esta ahi para Jane, no importa lo que sea, bueno malo horrible o precioso siempre esta para el y lo cuida mucho, amo esta pareja y amo mas el show!!!

mañana el capi sera una bomba!!! espero muchos momentos jisbon xDDD

a mis favs!!!
beautiful picture. love your drawing style!
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I love your style! great lines
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:iconicameplz: oh my goodness..its beautiful :)
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Oh~!! They're so cute together <3
I love them =D
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Daaah, so adorable. It made me melt - which is saying something, 'cause I'm freezing to death in my ice box of a house, haha. :D

Love the pure black and white of the piece. It gives it a nice feel. :) And haha, is that a Red John smiley face on the paper? Nice! :D

Oooh, how I wish they'd cuddle together like this on the show. :eager:

Nice job! :)
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