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The Nostromo Crew


After working on this on and off for quite a while, I'm finally done. I've probably started and stopped this project at least 3 times, usually getting frustrated by getting likenesses right. The first try, I was only able to get Brett done, and the 2nd try, I didn't even finish anyone.

This time, I went all digital, so I get could really detailed and clean, and I was finally able to get the animated look I wanted.

This is the crew of the USCSS Nostromo from Ridley Scott's masterpiece, Alien. As many of you may know, Alien is my all time favorite movie for too many reasons to list, haha.

From left to right:

Parker, Chief Engineer. Portrayed by Yaphet Kotto.
Lambert, Navigator. Portrayed by Veronica Cartwright
Kane, Executive Officer. Portrayed by John Hurt.
Dallas, Captain. Portrayed by Tom Skerritt.
Ripley, Warrant Officer. Portrayed by Sigourney Weaver.
Ash, Science Officer. Portrayed by Ian Holm.
Brett, Engineering Technician. Portrayed by harry Dean Stanton.

Also added, Jonesey, the cat.

In other related news, I'm really excited for Ridley Scott's Prometheus. A semi-prequel to Alien, from the same director. I seriously cannot wait. Thoughts?
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Wow, LOVE the artwork here!

It inspired me to do up wallpaper for the movie --

Alien 1979 Wallpaper by ToddTorpor

-- Todd

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R.I.P. Yaphet Kotto.

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I had no idea Ash was played by by Ian Holm. Man did they do a good job with altering his height.
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Yeah, phenomenal performance too! 
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the only critique i will say is, their heights are wrong
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Yeah, I think at the time, I didn't realize that Brett is a lot shorter than he is in this depiction. He always looked taller to me on screen, haha. 
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You've done a man's work sir! The likenesses are exactly what I would expect, and frankly are better than the ones which were used in the Heavy Metal comic book version of the movie.
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Thanks a bunch! 

I do like that artist a lot, (Walt Simonson if I recall correctly) but yeah, the Alien cast in particular admittedly have likenesses that are hard to capture, making them really challenging to get right! 

Looking back at this piece, being a couple years old now, I think I did a pretty good job, though Brett's is a bit iffy in my opinion. ;)
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Never met a good artist yet who didn't hate everything that they produced and yet interfering with a finished piece was forbidden! Once it's out there it belongs to the world and its them you have to answer too.

Well, all you need do if you feel it needs polishing is to keep the original and then fix the problem. Then spend a bit of time impressing upon yourself the improvement and if it seems to sit well with you, issue the update but keep that older version in case you change your mind.
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For sure! I always like keeping older versions so I can 'track' my progress, so to speak. It's a good motivator that shows how you've improved over the years!
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This looks amazing.
love the cat.
but, what type of art does this come under?
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I think it'd just be classified as an illustration. A rendition of a scene or part of a larger story, etc. 
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Excellent quality work.
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This is easily the best fan art of Jones I've ever seen.  No question.
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Ha, much appreciated sir. 
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Nailed it, man.  Absolutely nailed it. 
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Thanks a bunch man!
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One of my favourite works on DA! :D As a fan of the original movie, what was your reaction to Prometheus?
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Thanks, much appreciated!

I actually quite liked it, it had flaws of course, but I think people rag on it too much, and not enough on other movies with worse problems. 

Visually, it was fantastic, and David was awesome. It has potential for sure, if they iron out story and character kinks in the sequel, while still being as visually amazing, it could be a great film. 
SvipdagrHaugr's avatar
You're welcome :D

I agree with you on the visual aspects, and David most certainly stole the show, I just think I went in to the theater expecting too much (Alien is my favourite movie) so I guess I wasn't able to enjoy it as much. Even after a few more viewings I think my problem with it is the story, I just think it was too convoluted and confusing compared to the original Alien story.
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Alien is my favorite movie ever as well, and while I admit I hyped it up too much, I still really enjoyed it. I don't think the plot was necessarily convoluted, but the problem lied with the characters, their actions and choices and some of the performances. I do want it to distance itself from Alien, and become its own thing, as much as I love all the homages to the original, so it being less simplistic didn't bother me much. That being said, some simplification wouldn't hurt. 

Hated Vickers' character though, didn't like Holloway much either, both were very forced. Again though, the visuals were so amazing (which honestly was the aspect I was most looking forward to, as the space jockeys and their mythos and look fascinate me) that it kept me satisfied. I think the scenes that were changed and ultimately cut out ruined it, without their inclusion, a lot of the characters made less sense. 

Either way, I think the sequel has so much potential to build off of what was in the first film, and tweak things. It has a strong start already, as the only surviving characters happened to be the best ones in the bunch. 
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