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The Nostromo Crew




After working on this on and off for quite a while, I'm finally done. I've probably started and stopped this project at least 3 times, usually getting frustrated by getting likenesses right. The first try, I was only able to get Brett done, and the 2nd try, I didn't even finish anyone.

This time, I went all digital, so I get could really detailed and clean, and I was finally able to get the animated look I wanted.

This is the crew of the USCSS Nostromo from Ridley Scott's masterpiece, Alien. As many of you may know, Alien is my all time favorite movie for too many reasons to list, haha.

From left to right:

Parker, Chief Engineer. Portrayed by Yaphet Kotto.
Lambert, Navigator. Portrayed by Veronica Cartwright
Kane, Executive Officer. Portrayed by John Hurt.
Dallas, Captain. Portrayed by Tom Skerritt.
Ripley, Warrant Officer. Portrayed by Sigourney Weaver.
Ash, Science Officer. Portrayed by Ian Holm.
Brett, Engineering Technician. Portrayed by harry Dean Stanton.

Also added, Jonesey, the cat.

In other related news, I'm really excited for Ridley Scott's Prometheus. A semi-prequel to Alien, from the same director. I seriously cannot wait. Thoughts?
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Wow, LOVE the artwork here!

It inspired me to do up wallpaper for the movie --

Alien 1979 Wallpaper by ToddTorpor

-- Todd