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The Living Reliquary

A character design that may or may not make an appearance in an original medieval horror comic I'm attempting to hash out. I had the urge to dive into my love for how eerie Catholic aesthetics are, so this is what came of it, haha. 
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Offtopic here what happen to the download link on android/mobile?



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Where can you buy the comic that you mentioned - because your artwork is alway so cool.

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Oh, haven't even started it yet! I'm still in the process of writing it- that's always been the hardest part for me.

Thanks! :)

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ooh... I love how the layers to the design work...
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So killer cool!!!
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This would be remarkably at home in Darkest Dungeon or Blasphemous.
Love the Catholic horror aesthetic. 
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Wow, this is fantastic. I love how the hair and outfit contrast the heavy-looking skull. And inside the clothing gives the mysterious look of something in it that just isn't human at all. I'd definitely say you nailed the eerie-nature of it! :D Hope you liked how this came out :)
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Reminds me of Melquíades, The Exhumed Archbishop from Blasphemous if you heard of that game which is filled with the brim with eerie Catholic aesthetics.

Hence cue this theme:…
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I can see that! I've watched my brother play Blasphemous, so I'm definitely familiar with it- just not with the individual bosses. Gotta play it when I get the time! :)

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I guess it's possible that you might do your own art series based on Blasphemous in the future once you get around the game that is?

Also that link is basically theme that plays for that particular boss in question.
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I'll bet she's been deemed incorrupt.
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And you keep on making fantastic works
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