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S is for Selkie


Name: Selkie

Area of Origin: Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Faroe Islands

Selkies are creatures found in Irish, Scottish, Faroese and Icelandic folklore, most commonly represented in the Northern Isles of Scotland. The creatures are said to live in the sea as seals, but on land, are able to shed their skin to become human in shape. Male selkies are said to be very handsome, typically seeking companionship with women who are dissatisfied with their lives or their working-class husbands. Females are often coerced into relationships with men; to keep a Selkie as one’s wife, a man must steal and hide their seal skin. If females are to find their stolen skin, they will immediately return to their ocean homes, forsaking their land-borne family and children in the process. Tales concerning Selkies are typically tragic in nature, and a returned Selkie will usually avoid their human husband. However, they are sometimes described as ones to visit their children and play with them on the shore. 

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Whilst mermaids have no souls (see the original little mermaid),  selkies have souls,  which means they can go to heaven with their loved ones,  unlike the mermaids
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Selkies > Mermaids
joonee's avatar
My father told me about Selkies when I was a kid and I was obsessed for a looooong time.
Deimos-Remus's avatar
Yeah, they're super interesting!
NicksterDagames's avatar
I swear I have heard the name before...
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Sounds like a thing you could blame when your wife runs away from you 🙄
redwolfradolf's avatar
I have no doubt that's exactly where these legends started.  On the other hand, Selkies are a lot less evil than most fey/folkloric creatures.  
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Nice, I like the way you did this one. Glad you didn't take my idea about doing skinwalker for s, maybe next alphabet
Deimos-Remus's avatar
Thanks a ton! Skinwalkers are definitely creepy, that's for sure. 
PuddingValkyrie's avatar
I adore the way you've done the sealskin!  Amazing work as always.
Deimos-Remus's avatar
Thanks so much, I appreciate it!
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Looks great man. I really dig the way you drew the shedding skin. Most people (myself included) mostly just draw the skin as a cowl. I like the alternate interpretation. 

Thanks for posting that coloring guide the other day too. I thought that was pretty cool.
Deimos-Remus's avatar
Thanks dude! I wanted it to be almost a little creepy in its own way. :)

Oh, and glad you like the coloring guide as well!
WonderDookie's avatar
Yeah. I think that flat seal face definitely accomplished the creepiness!!
hans-sniekers-art's avatar
Man, I like this, your interpretation is really awesome!
I didn't realize they shed their skin and this makes the creatures just really interesting :3

I like how you displayed the shedding, you don't see things like that too often so yeah :D
Deimos-Remus's avatar
Thanks a ton! I've always liked the Selkie folklore, so it's been a long time coming!
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You're welcome.
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