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I is for Indus Worm

Name: Indus Worm
Area of Origin: Medieval Europe, Greece

The Indus Worm was a large, white carnivorous worm that resided around the Indus River in Asia. The creature appeared in many medieval European bestiaries, though it was originally described by the Greeks. The average length of one worm was said to be seven cubits (10.5 feet), and had two large teeth that closed like a clamp. During the day, the worm would burrow into the mud of the river, only to come out at night. It would often seize camels, oxen and sometimes people and It'd devour everything except the intestines. It could be caught with large hooks, and if hung up, oils would leak from its body, drying it up and killing it. The oil was reportedly very valuable and could keep anything aflame longer than any other substance.
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Hmm. The intestines bit reminds of how kelpies were supposed to eat every part of a victim except for the liver -- I wonder how many other myths feature such picky monsters.
Rattigen's avatar
Could you do one about Odontotyrannos ? It reportedly attacked Alexanders troops in India also
Who needs Xenomorphs when you have mythical creatures! 
Deimos-Remus's avatar
Haha, why not both? ;)
ACEnBEAKY's avatar
I wonder if this inspired Taxxons from Animorphs. Also, it would be cool to fight these suckers in an Elder Scrolls game and harvest the oil. 
Deimos-Remus's avatar
That's a possibility! 

Yeah, it's little mechanics and moments like that that really bring a game's world to life.
MulciberVolcanus's avatar
When I read the description, my mind immediately went to the bobbit worm (Eunice aphroditois). It grows up to about 10 ft, has powerful pincer-like jaws, and inhabits the Indian Ocean. It's not implausibly that one may have been found and peddled at an Indian market place to unfamiliar Western travelers, thus starting the myth.
CreepyKi's avatar

I thought New World Screw Worm when I saw it

LadyoftheGeneral's avatar
Listen. I knew about bobbit worms but I did not know that it could grow up to ten feet long, and I could have gone my whole life without knowing that. XD That is terrible. 
redwolfradolf's avatar
Sounds a lot like one theory on the origins of the unicorn.  Some people think Vikings sold narwhal horns, claiming to have gotten them from a magical horse. 
Deimos-Remus's avatar
Yeah, totally! Sounds like a very plausible idea to be sure!
ElyssaS's avatar
It's not just a's an Alaskan Bull Worm! 
dumb jokes aside, nice work on this one! 
Deimos-Remus's avatar
That was a good episode, haha.

Thanks, much appreciated!
Gancanagh22's avatar
I love worm monsters from myths! Indus Worm, the Minhocao from Brazil and the Death Worm from Mongolia.

Cool you used this monster for the I! Together with the bizarre Eurynomos (or black ghoul) which is also a very obscure monsters, those are mostly my favorites as i'm kinda tired of the same old Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, Unicorn (the common version, not the Karkadann, Shadhavar, Indrik, Camhueto and the very tiny Abada) and Mermaids. 
Deimos-Remus's avatar
They're definitely good for some gross and interesting interpretations!

Yeah, if I were to do any of the more 'generic' monsters, I wanted to tie them to an actual folkloric or specific historical account, like the Beast of Gevaudan. 
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That mouth looks positively evil. But it's a carnivorous worm so it's not going to look nice no matter what :)
Deimos-Remus's avatar
Ha, that's for sure. ;)
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Even the caligraphy for the letters is amazing! This series rock!
Deimos-Remus's avatar
Thanks, much appreciated!
Mohnlied's avatar
What a lovely creature!
Great choices for the alphabet so far!
Deimos-Remus's avatar
Ha, if you say so!

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