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The other enemy I claimed for the 20th anniversary of Doom tribute for :icongame-art-hq:
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Really nice. I like your work on the colour and shading.

Hello! Can I use your illustration on a monster for free supplement of an Old School RPG here from Brazil?
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I ships the Caco with a Witch
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I love your caco, dude. It looks just plain badass!
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Thanks a ton, much appreciated! 

I'm actually currently working on another Doom related project on the side, so stay tuned! 
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People punch it in the ass!
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Oh the memories... thank you for this! He... she... it, looks lovely, if a Cacodemon can be described in such a way :D
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Terrific! Probably the best beholder-inspired monster ever ;D  Makes me want to play some old-school doom!
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For sure! Both beholder inspired monsters in Doom were pretty cool.
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very nice detailing here.
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Thanks ! Much appreciated!
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"Whoa, that thing looks like it could unleash serious cacodemons!"

...why do I always think cacodemon is spelled with a K instead of a C?
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Thanks! I appreciate it!
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